Friday, May 28, 2010

Piles of Laundry Everywhere

I swear that my husband and my child have been consecutively sick for almost six months with perhaps a few days of healthy scattered here and there.

Will woke up this morning acting "off." He is still getting over the fever and cough he had three weeks ago, so I checked his temperature and it was normal, but I could tell he wasn't feeling well. He asked for milk, so I gave him some. He was extremely cuddly and needy as we got ready for our day. I had lots of errands planned for us and he seemed happy to go.

He stood in our front hall, completely dressed, I turned on the alarm and he said in a funny voice, "Mommy?"

And then proceeded to throw up every drop of milk he had consumed. He was covered from coat to shoe. He looked at me with woeful eyes and said, "Uh oh."

I knelt down next to him and said, "Oh, poor baby. You are sick, huh?"

And was rewarded with another upchuck. He started crying and pointing to the mess, saying, "Oh, dear."

I told him "Mama fix it" and stripped him to his diaper. I wiped his face and hands with a warm washcloth and put him on the couch, draped in a large towel. Fortunately, our front hallway is tiled, so it was a relatively easy cleanup as far as these things go.

A few minutes later, I realized that his problems were not just on the upper end of his digestive track, if you know what I mean. So much for the towel I put over him. I am now five loads of laundry into this situation, with no end in sight. He is drinking lots of fluids, so I am not too worried about dehydration, but I just feel so bad for the little guy. He is sick every week it seems.

Of course, M has yet another respiratory infection, or the same one that just cleared up after a 2 week round of antibiotics. He went to work today, but I see the weekend being just one big giant sick fest. I'm just hoping to escape it, especially the stomach flu.

Oh, summer, where are you? It seems as if the only way off of this carousel of sick will be the end of the nasty cold and flu season. Unfortunately, we probably have a good month or more to go.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh dear. I hope everyone feels better soon. Little germ incubators...

Rebecca said...

Noooooooooo!!!!!! That scares the crap out of me (no pun intended)!! Hope it's all over soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Just think of how great your immune systems will be by the time they start school??

Hopefully that brings you some comfort!!

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Poor boys! And poor you for having to dodge all the germs!

"Mama fix it" has got to be the single most heartwarming phrase I've ever heard. :)

Debby said...

ugh. Hope the germs stay away from you! nothing worse than being pregnant and sick...and the mom! At least the vomit was on the tile. Grayson's last stomach bug was on our couch...a sectional. I swear no matter what I do, I still sometimes get a whiff of it despite numerous very thorough cleanings. hope it's just a 24 hour thing and everyone feels better soon!

Stacey said...

Poor little guy! So sorry about all the sickness, Katie. Hoping everyone will feel better soon!

It is what it is said...

I absolutely feel you. My 3 yr old son had a cycle of vomiting/diarrhea that lasted for 12 days. Then, a couple of weeks after he was better, I got it. So, I hear you on the laundry.

Now we are doing a 3 day potty training immersion. Let's just say I'm knee deep in it again.

Hope he is on the mend, soon. And, my son will not drink pedialyte but we did have success with Gatorade (their new low calorie formulation. Grape was his fave).

Christy said...

Oh, Katie, how I feel your pain! This has been us since Wednesday. We've all, including the dog, been sick, as, well, dogs. I hope this passes quickly for you.

Laura said...

I am so sorry that little Will is sick again. Boo for the sickies!