Monday, May 10, 2010

Crud and Sore No More

So, I think the crud has gotten me. As I haven't been "sick" (other than a very mild cold or morning sickness) for well over two years, I can't complain much. Will drags so many different viruses home from playdates, the Children's Museum, etc., that it's really a miracle that I have made it this long. M does not have any more time off from work to spare, since he has missed a lot of days this winter with his own sicknesses, and needs to save some for when Emma arrives.

I am hoping that my Super Immunity keeps it to a milder form, since my best friend, M, and Will have all been very sick with this. I took Will to the doctor today because his fever has not been below 101 since Friday (even with Motrin). While it is clear he is sick, there was no strep, ear infection, or anything else that would require antibiotics (thank goodness - we've had more than our share of those). The doctor "prescribed" lots of cuddles and any sort of liquid he wants since his throat, while strep-free, was very raw and red. As usual, his appetite is the first thing to go, so he hasn't been eating anything, but I was pretty sure that chocolate milk would do the trick. So, we stopped on the way home and got him the "prescription," which worked like a charm. He was running around almost like normal when M got home and I just took his temperature and. . . it is only 100.1, which is great news!

I don't believe that I have mentioned that I did get a cortisone shot in my shoulder right before we left on our little Babymoon. The doctor told me that it would hurt more before it got better (it did) and that it would take 7 - 10 days to take effect (it took 7). Can I just tell you, however, that my shoulder feels amazing?!?! It is such a relief. I was seriously worried that I was going to be in pain forever. And I didn't have to take any of the percocet, which is also a relief. I know the cortisone can be just a temporary fix, but I am hopeful that it will be permanent in my case. And all I need to do right now is get through the pregnancy and recovery and if it still does hurt, then I will have more options.

So, I am off to make myself some hot tea with lemon and enjoy my sore-free-shoulder!


Wendy Sue said...

First of all, sorry you were at clinic today. And second, I had no idea you had a blog! Nice to finally find my way. And read so much about you. It's delightful.
Hope you all are healing at home and I don't see you sooner than need be.

dr wss

Rebecca said...

So happy about your shoulder...finally, some relief.

That sucks about all the guys need a break! Oh, and I personally believe that chocolate milk could cure a lot of health issues!

Tracy said...

Gotta love chocolate milk! It's the only way I get any dairy in Evan. Booger.

I hope the cortisone shot does the trick for you like it did for me. I do believe that the shot I gave decreased the inflammation long enough that it was able to heal...and I've been pain free ever since. HOPE it's the same for you!