Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nursery Progress

My self-imposed nursery completion deadline is May 15.

Unless a Nursery Fair magically appears sometime in the next two days, it ain't happening.

We have the nursery mostly emptied, but the closet is still stuffed. I haven't measured where to paint. Heck, I haven't bought the paint.


Now, my self-imposed deadline was just that. . . a date that I would have loved to have had the nursery somewhat done. Granted, my schedule was thrown off a bit by M's cousin's inability to get down here due to his new job. But that was three weeks ago this Saturday and little progress has been made since.

Double ugh.

Part of it has been The Sicks, part of it is that I am just pregnancy-tired, and a lot of it is that I don't have a lot of time chunks to work within. I do my normal housework when Will is napping and still try to have some much-needed downtime for myself during those hours, too. It just doesn't leave a lot of "project time."

My MIL is taking Will for two nights next week (the 19th and 20th), so I think that will be when the majority of the work gets done. I am going to ask M to help me get the room completely emptied this weekend so I can just work on the painting and decorating next week. And hopefully, still have some time to put my (starting to swell) feet up a bit.

So, I missed my deadline, but hopefully I will not be too far behind and can post pictures of some real progress soon!

Oh, and random pregnancy symptom that I didn't have with Will that is driving me crazeeeee this week? The soles of my feet and my palms are itching like mad. There isn't any rash that I can see, though my itching has caused some redness and couple of scratches. Seriously, though, this is driving me nuts. Pregnancy is so weird!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Okay, I'll race you. I need to get the guest room finished by Sunday night, since my parents are coming to stay in it.

Katie said...

Oh, you'll beat me for sure. I won't even get started until next week! LOL!

Emily said...

Hey! Long-time lurker, first time commenter. I had the hand and foot itching- all I really wanted was for my husband to use a fork to scrape the bottoms of my feet, but he made me got to the doctor instead. As it turns out, I had choleostasis (sp?) of pregnancy- it's not a big deal, but they like to keep and eye on your liver enzymes if it's a problem. You might call your doctor and mention it, just in case their practice has a protocol for getting you in and doing lab work for it. Hope the last couple of months of your pregnancy go by with no more illness!