Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shelves, Diggers, and Loving the Moment

I have got to find that camera card adapter. So many cute things to share. Emma's room is really coming along. It is not finished and won't be for a couple of weeks (the chair rail and curtains are on hold for the moment) but the main parts that I was worried about (painting, closet organizer, crib set up) are all done. And it looks amazing! Tonight, I managed to wrangle M into helping me buy this adorable doll bookshelf from craigslist. It looks adorable in the nursery, the colors are perfect.

I now need to amp up the raspberry in her nursery. I have some ideas and just need to track down the supplies. But I also want to see how the raspberry curtains look before I get too raspberry crazy. But how can you go wrong with a gorgeous color like that?!

Oh, and the lady we bought the shelf from? She was moving and eager to get rid of a HUGE box of trucks - mostly diggers and dumptrucks. She offered them to Will and he gladly took them. He has a regular diggerpalooza going on in his playroom.

As I was sitting here, writing this, I got to listen to Will upstairs with his Daddy, taking a tubby. I ask you, is there a cuter sound in the world than your husband and little boy playing together? M's deep voice and Will's squeals of joy and laughter were a treat for me to listen to. I stopped and enjoyed it for a moment.

And now, they have move to the nursery and the monitor is on, so I am "spying" on them talking to each other. Seriously, folks, this is some cute stuff. I have tears in my eyes from listening to it.

We are so blessed.


Debby said...

oh yes. I have to agree that I "spy" all the time on hubs and Grayson via the monitor. And the bathtub noises are the best. I never love my boys more than when I hear them playing and having so much fun together. It's a warm fuzzy makes my heart feel like it's gonna jump out of my chest moment.

HereWeGoAJen said...

That is an adorable bookshelf! Now I want one!

Tracy said...

Evan has really been into tractors, trucks, etc. lately, too. We definitely need to get more of that stuff for him.

And I agree...hearing Scott with the kids is the best thing ever. I LOVE when the four of us are spending time together. The feeling is undescribable (sp?)