Thursday, May 20, 2010

She Works Hard For the. . . Er. . .

Gah, I am exhausted.

Yesterday didn't quite go as planned, as a fatal accident closed I-5. A drive that should have taken an hour (each way) took four (both ways). So, I was hoping to get home by 3, but got home at 6, instead. My girlfriend who was coming to help paint had forogtten a meeting her husband had at 7, so there was no painting done last night. I did clean and organize some things for today and went to bed on the early side, knowing that I wouldn't get much (any) rest today.

I woke up at my usual time this morning, showered and got dressed in my painting garb. My girlfriend came over and we painted all day. We did two colors which will be separated by a chair rail. It looks amazing. I am waiting for it to completely dry and then I will take pictures and add them.

M is on his way home and we are going to set up the crib and changing table and then head to dinner. I am exhausted, but I definitely do not want to cook, and I also want to take advantage of what could possibly be our very last kid-free night for a very long time.

All reports indicate that Will is having a kick-booty time at his Gramma's. He was a little uncertain when I left yesterday, asking to go "Buh-bye?" in a semi-scared way that tore at my heart, but there were no tears. According to my MIL, he was playing and having a great time not five minutes later and all reports since have been good. She is begging to keep him an extra night, which we are considering, but I miss the lil' bugger so much that I am a little hesitant. But an extra night to get things done and possibly sleep in? Well, I'll let you know what we decide, but I'd have to be crazy not to take advantage!!


Anonymous said...

Im so excited to see the pictures!! At least you got a little bit of rest while WIll was gone!

Red said...

Yeah, I have never gone more than one night in a row without Champ. The thought of a whole day without him is too much. But on the other hand fi you can get some rest and some more stuff done it sounds hard to refuse!

Looking forward to the pics! Is Emma's nursery Will's old room or can he stay in his room and you are converting another room?

We are currently preparing Champ's new room so that Lucky can have his smaller, closer to us, room. It is a bit of upheaval but our only solution.

Crossing My Fingers said...

Your blog title and explanation made me laugh.

Crossing My Fingers said...

Sorry! Didn't mean to sound insensitive, the miscarriages didn't make me the was the statement that you all were "taking the statistical bullet." Sounds like something I would totally say...hope you didn't take it the wrong way. Tune in tomorrow for what Dr. Val told us at our appt.