Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How'd It Go?

So, I was pretty concerned about how Will would do with his grandma while M and I went on our little Babymoon. Like most things, I worried way too much. He was just fine.

In her bid to make him more comfortable at her house, my MIL had purchased a used swingset with a baby swing off craigslist and a three year old crib from a friend. She had also made all of his favorite foods and bought him some new books. He walked in to her house on Saturday morning, saw the backyard, and the swingset. . . and we might as well have just taken off right then and there.

Uncertain, we stuck around for awhile. We unpacked his bags, told my MIL where everything was, explained some of the daily medications he has to take, and then sat around in the backyard while he "settled in" (which, to be honest, was more for us than for him). When we felt that "he" had been there long enough to feel comfortable, we told him we were leaving, expecting the usual tears and red-faced protests that accompany our departure.

His reaction?

He was upset. . . because he thought we were going to take him with us. He wouldn't even hug us goodbye for fear we'd snatch him from this swingset-gramma's-meatloaf-cupcakes-new-books-haven. We exchanged glances at this unexpected turn of events. . . and hightailed it out of there!

It was heavenly to leave without the usual tears. It was good to get away without feeling a speck of guilt. I think this is the first guilt-free time that I have ever left him.

My MIL sporadically updated us with texts and pictures throughout the weekend and it was plain to see, Will wasn't missing us at all. He didn't take naps for Gramma (she didn't even try to put him down), but slept for twelve hours at night. He ate so much that instead of his usual one morning dirty diaper, he had three! Each text boasted of a new thing he was doing, eating, saying, or playing. It was clear that both of them were having a fantastic time, which made our time more fun, too!

When we returned today, refreshed after two days of napping, eating, long (not too) warm baths, and t.v. watching, he was glad to see us, but perfectly content to continue playing in the backyard. He did get a little nervous when we started packing up his things and he was very ready to get into the car, but my MIL said the first time he cried all weekend was when we returned. He conked out thirty seconds from her house, tired from his weekend of fun.

Things went so well that my MIL wants to take him one weekend a month from now on. Though we can't always afford to go away, we only live an hour away, so it will still be nice to have some couple time at home, and when Emma gets here in July, some time with just her. It is also my MIL's dream come true to have a close relationship with Will, so it's not just selfish reasons that will have us packing him up for a weekend at Gramma's. I couldn't be more pleased with how it all went.


Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful! I was hoping your weekend getaway would rock!!

Shirley said...

Yay! Your MIL sounds awesome in the way she really prepped up to make Will happy. He's in good hands. And I'm sure that her open house and good hands will come in handy when your little one arrives! Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

How perfect!!! Your MIL sounds absolutely wonderful. What a blessing she will be to your family.

Ms. J said...

We are pretty much chopped liver anytime LP can see her g'rents or my one aunt (who always has plenty of watermelon, LP's fave, on hand just to sweeten the deal, LOL).

So glad it went went for you, and their relationship is blossoming.

Amanda said...

That is wonderful!!! I'm so glad your MIL is so in love with Will and went so far to make him comfortable! I wish all grandparents felt that way about their grandchildren.

I'm glad you all enjoyed your weekend!

Stacey said...

So glad to hear it went well! What a big boy you have! :) It sounds like you had a nice weekend of relaxing.

Danifred said...

Horray! What wonderful news.

Searching said...

Awwww, sounds wonderful for ALL involved parties! :)

Mel said...

Fantastic! I am so glad it went so well and that you guys had such a marvelous weekend away together.