Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is It Just Me?

Does anyone else get this weird mix of feelings when they are about to drop of their kid(s) at Grandma's? Or anywhere else's for that matter?

I am packing up Will's things for a couple of nights stay and I am actually tearing up as I fold his jammies. Our bedtime routine with Will is one of my favorite parts of the day (and not, as one might suspect, because it's bedtime, but just because he's so sweet and it's fun to give him a tubby and rub lotion on this little body and then let him choose his jammies).

On the other hand, yesterday when it was rainy and windy and he was having a tantrum because I made him come inside, I thought, Gah, I can't wait until I drop him off tomorrow.

I also have a TON to get done. I have promised M (and myself) that I will work my @ss off until Thursday when he gets home, but then whatever didn't get done, stays undone until the weekend. As I won't be retrieving Will until Friday afternoon, that gives me a whole night and morning to lounge around and act all pregnant and lazy. As much as I am looking forward to being productive, I am really tired, so I am both excited for and dreading all that must be done in the next day and a half.

I am hoping to be bringing you some significant progress pictures very soon. Right now, it's time for me and my big bag of mixed feelings to go have a (okay, my second) bowl of Cheerios for the morning.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Ah, see now I have to admit that I have never done it. Grandparents all live too far away or too close and I get teary just thinking about it so I don't.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how difficult it would be.

Hopefully you get lots of time to rest as well as get everything done!

And I hope that Will has a great time playing!

Ms. J said...

I did or do the exact same things you described. To a "T."

Nicky said...

I'm totally fine leaving LL for the day, but I get teary every time I miss bedtime, for any reason. My husband and I actually compete with each other over who gets to do the snuggly-cuddly parts of LL's bedtime routine. Best part of the day.

Anonymous said...

B usually goes to j's parents for an over night on a weekend twice a month or so, and he's been doing that since he was 2ish months old. I don't think we've ever been even a bit sad about it, and maybe that's just because he's so close in proximity to where we are (they live in the same town). He *loves* his grandparents though and we very much enjoy the adult time away from him every now and then. Bedtime isn't so exciting at our house... I of course love the bedtimes kisses and singing songs, but we do that all day anyway, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. :)

Red said...

I know hwat you mean, although it doesn't usually 'hit me' until about anhour after he is gone. I look forward to the peace and quiet, and then suddenly the house is too quiet and I miss him.

Enjoy your break though!