Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'll Have What She's Having

For a few weeks now, Will has been eating "big people" food. Small pieces of cheese, turkey, and cut up steamed veggies, etc. Now we have started a whole new era of Will-eating. He and I have started eating the same things for breakfast and lunch. I don't know why, but I really think it's so adorable, making us the same breakfast and lunches and then sitting down and eating them together.

It started with a trip to Cost.co, where the sample lady "talked me into" giving him some chicken nugget (or it could have been that I was pushing a trip to the grocery store in before going home to have lunch and he was S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G). I broke it into tiny pieces and he gobbled up my sample and his. I bought a bag, we went home, and shared a plate of them and a baked potato.

Then it was the multigrain mini pancakes from Safe.way and then the O-rganic flaxseed blueberry waffles. Soon after that, low-fat turkey breakfast sausage and small bites of canteloupe.

Yesterday, it was grilled cheese on whole grain bread (no butter), garlic potato wedges, and fruit - his obviously cut into much smaller pieces than mine. We sat there, eating our respective lunches, and it was so cute. At one point, he offered me a "bite" of his sandwich, so I gave him a "bite" of mine. Adorable!

He still is eating pureed foods, but about 75% of his meal is self-fed now. It isn't as messy as I thought it would be, as he is quickly developing his pincer grasp and is very adept at getting the food from tray to mouth. The dogs stand by patiently, gobbling up whatever he misses.

He hasn't quite figured out the "fun" of throwing food. He will take his sippy cup and bang it on the tray, crushing cheerios, mashing green beans, and scattering graham cracker crumbs everywhere. He thinks this is quite the game, and when I tell him no, no, it seems to incite further banging. Taking the cup away works for now, but I know it won't be long before he protests that maneuver.
But despite the occasional spills, the cup-banging, and of course, the laundry, I love the fact that he is eating more and more "big people" food. It's just another way he is seeming more and more grown up each and every day.


Kim said...

He is getting so big!

I had to gasp to myself after seeing how well he was dressed, and then seeing that spoonful of purple stuff (beans?) headed toward him. I have prissy girls who always ate (eat) naked as babies, so the very thought of that spoon going flying and permanently staining a perfect outfit makes me antsy inside! You're very brave!

Katie said...


We were at a birthday party for one of his friends. So, yeah, he was pretty dressed up. I was more worried about my friend's cream colored carpet than Will's washable clothes!

And it was blueberries and bananas, which, miraculously, we didn't get over everything... that time, anyway.

Joy said...

That is so cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of him with (what looks like) blueberries all over his sweet cheeks!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

So cute! It's amazing to watch them eat new foods and see their reaction. I'm having a hard time getting Lemy to consistently feed herself anything but cheese and puffs. She likes the other stuff, but has a tendency to play with it more than eat it. But cheese and puffs...forget it. She scarfs those down double fisted! :)

Fertilized said...

Isn't he just so cute!

Go Big Will!.. Grilled Cheese is a fav over here too

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

I love the picture of the chubby hands with the cheerios. He is a beautifully well-fed baby!

I think it's cute when they start to eat too, and I think it's even sweeter that you notice and take pleasure in even the small things. I try to do that as well.

I don't know how you keep your hair so beautiful and shiny!!! Please tell us your secret?!?

Gibson Twins said...

He's so cute! My two took forever to eat "real" food. They refused anything, often gagging on puffs even! It was 13-ish months old that they decided they could manage to eat some real food. And I am really sorry to break it to you, but the real food throwing will come...and it has just started easing up here. Though now if it's thrown, it's in the form of the attitude "I'm a toddler and I'm so darn mad at Mommy because I can't have brownies before lunch so I'll just throw my plate across the room, peas and all" :)

Mel said...

How cute! I love this, you guys are so cute!!!!