Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Go Get Some Chicken!

Why I love my readers. . .

In Search of Morning Sickness asked me my secret to having shiny hair in the comments after the last post. I almost fell off of my chair, I was laughing so hard.

My hair has pretty much always irritated me. I always wanted the shiny locks of hair that others' had. I remember watching a friend in high school just take her hair, twist it up into a messy ponytail, and it looked amazing. In literally fifteen seconds. If I spent my entire day styling my hair, it wouldn't look as artful and stylish as that quick sweep of her hand did on her head.

My hair is half curly, half straight, all frizzy. It is an uninteresting shade of brown with way too many grays thrown in. I feel as if my hair has multiple personality disorder at times. I wish that it would either be curly or straight. This both business is frustrating.

I will say that I have come to terms with my lackluster locks. Over the course of time, I have found some things that seem to "tame the beast."

I use Hea.d and Shoul.ders shampoo and conditioner (two separate bottles, not the combined). Yeah, the anti-dandruff stuff. I don't really have problems with dandruff, but I think that it makes my hair the shiniest of anything else that I have used, even fancy, salon stuff.

After I wash and towel it dry, I use Con.trol Freek serum ($16 for the bottle, lasts for freaking ever). Just a couple of drops! I also use Spoi.l Me defrizzer. It's in a tall green bottle. It's kind of spendy ($18 for one bottle), but it does last a few months and I use it liberally. It's also great for restyling your hair on a day when you don't want to wash it.

And I use a round, spiky brush and blow dry the living daylights out of it. That's about it.

Oh, yeah, and the reason for the title of this post. Go here to download your free coupon for K.FC's new grilled chicken, courtesy of O.prah. You can print out four coupons for two piece meals, with two sides, and a biscuit. Talk about finger-lickin' good! You can only download the coupon until this afternoon, but then it is good until May 19th. Go forth and eat free chicken!


Fertilized said...

I also think your hair is a very pretty color. Definately Not uninteresting at all.

I wish I had the patience to blow dry my hair - but teh Humidity in FL makes my efforts worthless, So I don't.

Tell Opra.h thanks for my free chicken coupons!

Tracy said...

LOL! I use Control Freak, too. Also have curly/frizzy hair that I use a giant round brush and a hairdryer to tame. Love it!

Joy said...

THANK YOU for your hair tips! I was just looking at my limp, frizzy hair. I NEED and I need it now. Must go buy it... where do you buy yours?

Katie said...

Fre.d (Kroger) or Target, usually. Also, Nord.strom rack carries the serum for about $2 less, I just don't get there very often.

Joy said...

We don't have a Kroger or Nor.dstrom so I'll definitely get some at Target! Thank you!

RoseAnn said...

Thanks for the KFC coupon link! We managed to feed 4 adults and 1 child for $12!

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

This is so awesome!!! I actually have the H&S Shampoo, since my husband can't help but get dandruff every time he deploys, what with workign night shift all the time and never seeing the sun and the dirty conditions. Anyway, I'm going to go get your other items, because I feel like I have the dullest hair ever!!!

You never know how others see you. Your hair is always, always gorgeous in pictures. Period!