Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wah-Wah-Wah It's 90 Degrees In Seattle

Now I realize that the rest of the country is baking right now, so my wah-wah-wah, it's 90 degrees in Seattle post is not gonna garner much sympathy from the rest of you. But wah-wah-wah, it's 90 degrees in Seattle and mah feet are swollen!

Even with swollen feet, I am glad for the sunny, hot temperatures that have finally arrived this week. Someone, somewhere cleverly nicknamed this past month Junuary, and it could not have been more appropriate. We've had a wet, rainy, cold spring and early summer and it hasn't been fun or easy keeping Will entertained inside. "Outside!" is his favorite place to be and playing with him on our smallish covered front porch is only fun for so long, and huddling on our uncovered really tiny back deck while he splashes in soggy rain puddles is fun for even less. One bonus, he does know when it's sunny or rainy outside and that even if he tries to convince me that it's sunny, it's still raining, and no, he can't go outside.

Yesterday was a lot of fun, playing over at a good friend's house. Is it any coincidence that I picked her house to play out when she has central air (very rare in these parts)? I just thought everyone else was nuts who wanted to be outside. Unfortunately, that group included my son, so I was outside, too. I even got a bit of a tan.

Fortunately, M was smarter this time around and did not wait for the heatwave to actually arrive. When the weather forecaster just whispered at 90 degree temperatures (and I whimpered and threatened to move to the Extended Stay down the road), he took me to Lowe's and let me pick the portable A/C of my dreams. Good man. We do still have the one from right before Will was born, but being the "great" parents that we are, we give that one to Will for his room.

It was 88 degrees downstairs when we arrived home from our playdate. But upstairs where it usually averages about five degrees hotter? My bedroom was a very pleasant 69 degrees and Will's room was 70. I was a happy pregnant woman indeed, sprawled out on my bed where I proceeded to take one of the best naps of my life. Seriously, it was a decadent treat, since that air conditioner was not in the budget right now. But worth every, single penny.

Especially since it never got below 80 last night and our downstairs is still sweltering. I seem to be unable to sleep past 5 AM these days and my restless tossing and turning does little to help M get the last precious bits of sleep that he needs. It's pretty warm downstairs and the minute his alarm goes off, I'm heading back up.

We have another playdate today (unforunately at a sans a/c house) and I am excited to watch Will enjoy his friends, a kiddie pool, and more popsicles. Ahhhh, summer.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Air conditioning during the hot months is so worth it. Matt gets so hot all the time that we are pretty much year round air conditioners.

Stacey said...

Katie, I've lived in the South (Louisiana and Texas) my entire life and it boggles my mind that any home could NOT have a/c! Seriously, we would die down here as early as March. :)

I'm so glad you've treated yourself to cooler air! That is truly the best sleep ever!

Debby said...

104 here yesterday. Add my 50 extra pounds...and um, yeah. NO fun. but i DO have central air. although last night it did not keep up and it was roasting in my room. thaknfully it's back in the 90's today. glad you got an extra unit for your bedroom. can't imagine the heat without air while preggo!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should move to Seattle--I hate the heat. I hate the cold too though. I hope your able to enjoy your AC and relax a bit! :)