Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Call Me Cankles

Blah blah blah. It's hot.

It's still 90+ degrees here in Seattle. Under the very best of circumstances, I think this heat would have me wilted. At 37 weeks pregnant, I am beyond wilting and have gone the opposite direction. I am retaining water like it's my job. I am almost tempted to take a picture of the Cankles, because they are truly grotesque and almost begging to be shared with the world. Will and I went to a farmer's market this morning and I overheard two women talking about my swollen limbs. They gave me sympathetic smiles as I waddled away.

M asked what I was doing at a farmer's market and my only answer is that the heat has addled my brain. That and Will loves this particular market (free bread, balloons, chocolate milk, and face painting - how can you go wrong?) and I wanted to make sure we went before Emma's arrival, in case we don't make it after.

One thing I regret very much when I had Will is that I did a lot of prepping everything and everyone else for his arrival, but did little for myself. My pedi was a mess and I about died when the doctor announced I would need a "suprapubic shave" after we made the decision for a c-section. It's difficult to get the netherregions right now, as I am sure you can imagine. I can clearly recall looking at my chipped toenails in recovery. I had those compression booties on and my toes were out there for everyone - nurses, doctors, friends, and family - to see. Now, I know the medical professionals have "seen it all," but a girl should have some pride.

This time, I have lined up a bunch of appointments for myself. Not only so that I can have some pride in the OR, but also because it feels good to take care of myself. I am 30 lbs heavier, have legendary cankles, and vericose veins in places they really do not belong (although is there a place that one of those belongs?). A tune up is most definitely in order.

So, my Darling Daughter needs to stay put through the weekend, and let Mama get all pampered and pretty for her big arrival. It's gonna take some work so she needs to be patient.


HereWeGoAJen said...

You deserve some nice pampering! I especially support the toenails. I haven't had my toes done since I got married, I think.

Ms. J said...

Oh do it!

I had my regular manicure (every two weeks) at 4 pm on a Thursday. At 2:15 am Friday I was in L&D. As I was birthing Peanut the one nurse remarked on how great my nails looked!

After I texted my manicurist a photo of Peanut hours later I included the compliment I received - she was doubly thrilled!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I have a pedi before Josie was born, recalling how gross my feet looked when Harry arrived. Many compliments ensued. Plus, it was nice to kick back during. Highly recommend it.

As for the netherregions, my doc and hospital said no grooming that area in the weeks before childbirth -- risks of ingrown hairs, infections, rashes, all of which can complicate delivery. So I stuck to pampering below the knees and above the ribs :) Did your doc have anything to say on that subject?