Thursday, July 1, 2010

Party Time

This weekend will be my "sprinkle" for Emma. I really didn't want a shower. If you looked in our daughter's bedroom - especially her closet - you would know why. We don't need a thing for this Little Lady. I mean, I guess we could use diapers and wipes, that type of stuff, but to be honest, I am uncomfortable asking for gifts from people at this point. And we already have a box of newborn and 2 boxes of size 1 diapers, as well as a gargantuan sized box of wipes. We are all set.

But my girlfriends absolutely insisted that we do something. Truth be told, I am excited for it. I am also happy to get some pictures of a celebration in her honor for her baby book. We had a ridiculous (five) amount of showers for Will, so I was feeling kind of bad comparing and contrasting the pregnancy parts of the albums. Not only do we literally have ten times the ultrasound pictures of Will, but now, the page for shower was completely blank? So, I agreed to a "sprinkle" with a "no gifts, please" on the invitation.

Of course, by the time I agreed to a little get together, we were running low on weekends. One of my friends had a baby two weeks ago, another had a camping trip, yaddayaddayadda. You know the drill in summer. So, this weekend was the only one that worked for the girls that were throwing it. Which means that there won't be anyone else there! LOL! With the holiday weekend, pretty much everyone is out of town. It's going to be a pretty intimate little gathering, but I actually prefer it that way. It's going to be very kid-centric as well, which makes me happy. My last "big" shower for Will was kids-free (at the hostesses' request) and had over 30 people there. It made it hard to talk to anyone or really relax. This one is going to be lowkey and I like it that way. There will be about fifteen people there, kids included, and I just know Will is going to have a blast!

I am jus so blessed that we have friends that want to go out of their way for us like this. What's going on for your holiday weekend?


HereWeGoAJen said...

I've never thought that the 'no second shower' rule was a good one. I think every baby ought to get a party. I kind of think of it as a 0th birthday party. I mean, I like to buy presents for second babies. And I like to go to parties where there is cake.

Katie said...

There will be cake!! I can't have any sort of get together without it these days (and by get together, I mean me and a fork).

S and J plus 4 said...

I've always thought that if you can't have a shower, a "birth"day party would be in order where you can invite people to come and meet the baby on a day that you are feeling better and the house feels clean. That way people won't just drop in all the time when you are crabby or unprepared. Haven't gotten to use the idea, but maybe someday.
I'm so very excited for you, Katie!

Katie said...

And maybe now that I have cleaners, there will actually be that day! LOL!