Friday, August 15, 2008

I Hate the Meteorologist

I watch the same morning news program every day. I usually love the spunky meteorologist who has a quirky sense of humor and delivers the weather in a manner that I usually enjoy.

Today, I hate her.

This morning, she cheerfully announced that today will be the hottest day of the year so far, with record breaking temperatures in the low 100s. She had the audacity to look pleased.

Now, I know that many of you live in areas where such blazing hot temperatures are the norm. I will remind you, however, that I am a native Pacific Northwesterner. Our skin starts melting off of our bodies at around 80 degrees, and that's when we are not hugely pregnant.

Also, please remember that we don't have air conditioning - or even a portable window air conditioner as the one that my husband purchased didn't work and we had to take it back last weekend. Of course, they are pretty much impossible to find this time of year, especially as the aforementioned perky weather woman and all of her evil fellow weather people have been talking about this impending heat wave for the past week.

It will be fans, pans of ice, popsicles, kiddie pools, and one very grumpy pregnant woman at our house today. It's all worth it, but what I wouldn't give for some AC. I actually had tears of relief in my eyes when the extended forecast included rain and temperatures in the low seventies for next week. Maybe I will forgive the meteorologist. Someday.

Is it wrong that I started fantasizing about going into labor, simply because the hospital is air conditioned?


Tracy said...

Nah, I'd say it's normal.

One of my girlfriend's lived in an apartment without A/ Michigan in the summer, that can be brutal due to temps in the 90's and high humidity. She said she spent the entire month of August sitting in a tub filled with cool water. Might be worth considering! :)

Stay cool, girl.

(I HEART Freezer Pops.)

Gibson Twins said...

Oh my goodness, I can't even believe it is going to be that hot. Will definitely be thinking of you! We have A/C and its still ridiculously hot. Make sure you drink a lot, but I think your "hospital has a/c" is even more clever :)

Jen said...

The portable a/c your hubby bought didn't work? Crap! Ours has been a lifesaver especially in the last 24 hours. Maybe you should drive down to Des Moines and come visit me!

Polka Dot said...

hah poor thing.

We've finally gotten below 90 for the first time since June. We'd have a day here and there that would be in the upper 80's, but otherwise it's been a scorcher this summer.

Newt said...

Oh no! When I didn't have A/C, I used to run off to movie theaters and libraries--those places are always freezing.

Hope the heat wave lifts ahead of schedule. Or baby shows some seriously impeccable timing!

Nicky said...

I'm in the same position -- unusually hot, no A/C, hugely pregnant. I spend days at work or library or mall, and for the worst 2 days, we checked into a local cheapo hotel so that I could get some A/C-helped sleep. Totally worth the money.

Laura said...

Poor thing! I hope it cools down very soon for you.

Jen said...

I can't imagine being without air conditioning. I hope you find a way to stay cool!

Fertilized said...

i'm sitting here sweating reading this imagining no A/C

Anonymous said...

I have a/c. Wanna come over?