Monday, August 11, 2008

The Whole Truth and Nothin' But the Truth

One of my favorite blogging buddies left me the following comment on my last post.

"You are way too organized, you make me sick!"

It is so not the truth.

The reason that I am so interested in getting things in ship shape right now is that I am normally not that organized. You see, if you were to drop by my house unannounced, you would find the majority of the house, the public areas if you will, to be clean. However, were you to look deeper, you would find that the hidden areas such as closets, my master bathroom, kitchen drawers, etc. are not so clean. I tend to be an "out of sight out of mind" cleaner. I am a packrat and keep way too much stuff. So is my husband. As a result, most of our closets are poorly organized and filled to the brim. We even have what I call a "Closet of Death" downstairs, named so because you never know what might fly out at you if you dare to chance opening it.

Plus, at 37+ weeks pregnant, measuring 39 weeks, with feet so swollen they tingle and itch, a lot of my list is comprised of good intentions that might never get realized. I will get a spurt of energy here and there, but it is quickly spent. The only thing that I got accomplished today was creating a baby drawer in the kitchen and doing a couple of loads of laundry - one of which is folded but not put away!

So, you see, my dark and dirty secret is that I am not organized, not really. In the coming weeks, I will have all manner of family and friends in my home, helping us as we adjust to life with Little Man outside of the womb. These lovely people have offered to clean, do laundry, stock our groceries, etc. I am worried that if I don't organize these hidden areas, they will be discovered. I am pretty sure the world would keep spinning, but I am not sure that I would survive the embarrassment!


Kim said...

Wait, you put your laundry away? So, it's not normal to just get dressed straight from the dryer, turning it on as needed to get out wrinkles? You don't iron, too - do you?!

Polka Dot said...

lol that's funny ... I was thinking the same thing as she - oh but to be that organized!

I'm an out of sight out of mind type of cleaner, too. What I call a "surface" cleaner. Lord help anyone that decides to look under my stove or behind the fridge hah

Anonymous said...

I can completely understand how you feel. My husband calls it select organization. :) I come across it when I need it, then I blink, and I've lost my keys and misplaced my purse. It does sound that you and your DH seem to have everything prepared for Little Man though. Good luck in the coming weeks. We all can't wait for him to finally make his debut.

Thank you for your kinds words by the way. I really do appreciate the cheers. Take care.

Searching said...

Heehee, I am the same way! If you open my bedroom closet a giant stuffed elephant will fall on your head. Really. Her name is Trixie and I got her when I was 9 or so. I simply cannot part with my huge collection of very nice (large) sutffed animals. Hence the dozen garbage bags full of them my parents brought up this weekend that I am trying very hard to ignore. Under my bed is full of textbooks and boxes and all the closets are full, so I am out of options. I must sort and downsize. Sigh. If only we could create an organizational medication or something!

I'm glad you are through with work for a very long time. Enjoy every minute you get with your son!

Jen said...

It isn't physically possible to get the entire house organized at one time. Stuff just shifts around from one hidden spot to another. I've tried.