Friday, August 1, 2008

End of the Road?

My feet have been swollen lately.

For the record, my feet don't normally look like this. I usually have ankles. And a cuter pedicure. But that's another story.

Yesterday, at my (almost) 36-week OB appointment, my blood pressure was up. Not dramatically, but over the 15-point rise that can diagnose pre-eclampsia. I had a small amount of protein in my urine. Not enough to get excited about on its own, but enough that, combined with the swelling, headaches, and BP increase, my doctor is a bit concerned.

I am in the strange land where I cannot quite be diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, but I definitely have some warning signs. The most common way of treating this gray area is typically to reduce stress and increase rest. My OB told me to start checking into my pregnancy short term disability leave and that we would discuss my work status at my next appointment, which they then moved up to next Wednesday. In the meantime, I am to get as much rest as possible, with my feet elevated. I am not on bedrest at this point, but it looks as if it might be heading in that direction, or at least to being off of work for the duration of the pregnancy.

This is what I have been waiting for, right?! Well, yes, and in a way, I am relieved. Work has been getting more and more difficult. None of my shoes fit, I am exhausted, and my boss is a stress case.

In another way, though, it feels a bit scary. Work has been my identity for so long. When I was struggling with my miscarriages, at least I felt as if I still had something, even if it wasn't quite what I wanted.

Financially, we won't feel the strain of this extra time off. My company has excellent short term disability coverage and I will be getting 100% of my pay from the time I stop working throughout my maternity leave. Can't complain about that.

But emotionally, it feels weird to think that I am almost done.


Jen said...

I'm glad that you are keeping such a good eye on your health. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Gibson Twins said...

Hoping you can rest up in the coming weeks before Baby Boy arrives. It sounds like your doc has a close eye on you which is great.

My last day of work (ever) was 9/29 and I delivered on 11/7. I did nothing but watch tv, eat, and sleep because everything was swollen and I could hardly move. It was great for the first week, but after that I wondered how I would redefine my identity in the future. Still working on that.

Good luck and you're doing a great job!!!

RM said...

Wow! Full pay leading into your maternity leave?! Get your purse and head out of there now!! :)

Fertilized said...

i am saying a prayer for you and baby boy!

Anonymous said...

I hope the increased rest does it and you don't end up with pre-e.

Maria said...

Ugh, your poor ankles.

It sounds like your doctors are taking really good care of you. And that's awesome that you have such great coverage at work. I'm sure that takes a lot of stress off.

Nicky said...

Hey, those look like MY feet and ankles! Best of luck to you. Is it possible to work from home -- keep your feet up and your work identity at the same time -- at least for a little while? That's what I've been doing, at least since my ankles ballooned like yours. I'm hoping to get 3 more weeks of work in before calling it quits.

Sugar and Ice said...

Take a load off!You're so close anyway, why not just take it easy for a few days before this kid arrives.

Polka Dot said...

Your poor feet! It sounds like the doc is on top of things - now you just need to listen lol

Take care of you.

Joy said...

My feet looked like that, too! Happy resting and dreaming of your baby boy!!! Not too much longer now!