Monday, August 4, 2008

Hmmmmm . . .

So today I am not feeling well.

It's kind of a general fatigue, despite having taken the day off work to rest and gotten some good naps in.

What I am noticing is this: I keep getting pains in the top part of my stomach, up by where I assume his feet are at. They are not spaced regularly apart, sometimes they seem to come pretty rapidly, sometimes, almost 20 minutes will go by before another pain. It isn't enough discomfort to make me cry or scream, but it does take my full attention. I have had a few at the bottom of my belly, too, but they are mostly at the top. This happens whether I am laying down or moving around.

I don't know whether it's just him, stretching around, or something else - like Braxton Hicks? I have had BH contractions for awhile now and these definitely feel different. I have also noticed that Little Man is not moving as much these past couple of days. He barely got his kick count in last night, which is not like him (but he did get it in, so I know he's fine).

I have consulted with Dr. Google on what a contraction feels like, and there just aren't any consistent answers. I guess I could call my OB, but I feel a bit like an idiot.

Any ideas?


G said...

Don't feel like an idiot, call :)

I have no wisdom but that.

Jen said...

I definitely agree on calling your OB. That's what you're paying them for, right? Besides my OB said that if I ever had the slightest concern about movement to go ahead and give them a call. They'd rather give you answers than have you worry I think.

Anonymous said...

I got nothing, but I have to believe you're not the first person to call and ask. :)

Allison said...

Contractions feel like menstrual cramps.

I had NO clue until after my water had broken, I was in the hospital hooked up to monitors, and the nurses were saying, "Don't you feel that? Those contractions are pretty strong!" and I responded, "No, it just feels like cramps..." to which the nurse responded with "THOSE ARE CONTRACTIONS!!!"

Hope that helps and good luck!

Kim said...

Hmm... I'm really not sure. They don't really sound like contractions.. so I wonder if you're just maxing out on room in there. I say give them a call and see what they say!

Fertilized said...

I may be late 0 but call - you are Not an idiot - All contractions feel different and how are you supposed to know things if you have never expereinced it! ALL else fails - just go to L&D

Amy said...

I'm with G., don't feel like an idiot. This is the first time you have ever been this far along...therefore yes, it makes you a first timer, at least in this realm. Please call, you are not an idiot...your body, your baby, your way! That's my new feeling on all of this. Thinking of you and little guy. Much love, A

Joy said...

I couldn't feel BH contractions. I had to put my hand on the top of my stomach. When I felt my stomach tighten really hard I knew it was a contraction. During a contraction you will not be able to feel baby move because it will restrict his movement.

Hope that helps in some small measure. Don't know what else it could be!

Nicky said...

First off, I agree -- call! Even without the pains, the sluggish kick count would be enough to warrant a call.

Second... the pains you're feeling sound a lot like what I was experiencing a week or two. We determined that it was intestinal. The intestines were just so cramped (I'm carrying really high) that I would get recurrent intestinal cramps. Went on for several days, until the baby switched positions and dropped a bit lower in my pelvis. Things were less crowded, and I've had no more of those pains.

Still, I'd call.

Geohde said...

Any concerns. I would call, it's so hard to know what it is over the internet :)



Tracy said...

No advice other than to call your OB! :)