Saturday, August 9, 2008

Checking My List

So, no labor yet. I really don't expect to go into labor early. I actually would much prefer that he hang out at least another week. Get those lungs nice and ready for crying!

Plus, we still have things to do! We emptied out the nursery closet today (we might be a strong word, the husband took care of 95% of it) and it is now ready for my lovely neighbor to install the organizer.

I have about ten million loads of baby laundry to do.

We still have to return our duplicate presents and buy a stroller.

I have an appointment to have the car seat installed this week.

We want to buy a freezer.

See, all of this really would be lovely to get accomplished before his arrival. But they are the "nice" to get done, not the "need" to get done. And our hospital bag is packed, his diaper bag is ready. I have a feeling he will mess with us and not come until the first week in September.

Patience. . .


Fertilized said...

anticipation ..

Polka Dot said...

I had a dream last night that I logged on and you had typed out a short "we're leaving for the hospital" message.

So I'm placing money on a few days early hah

Christy said...

How exciting! It's great that you can recognize the difference between what "needs" to be done and what you "want" to get done. We had 29 days between when we were chosen by our birth parents to when Andrew was born, and he was 4 weeks early. Even though I didn't have done everything I wanted, everything we needed was well under control. You will work it all out no matter when it happens. Such an exciting time!

Joy said...

Are you going to have Internet at the hospital?! I've seen some couples do videos at the hospital and blog updates while they were there (usually the hubby or a friend did all of that).

Sounds like you guys will get all of that done before he comes!

Jen said...

It sounds like you've gotten a lot done already!