Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moving Along

Things have been pretty quiet on the pregnancy front lately. Emma is growing, I am growing, she is moving and shaking. She makes my belly rock and roll. It's so fun to watch from the outside.

I am getting up at least once a night to go to the bathroom and I am starting to feel kind of uncomfortable in bed. I have noticed that my legs and arms are taking on the "padding" of pregnancy and I am about 10 pounds up from pre-pregnancy weight. My belly button, which stayed decidedly innie even at the bitter end with Will, is already looking like it might pop out. For some reason, this kind of gives me the heeby jeebies, but not a lot I can do about that. My c-section scar is kind of itching lately, too, and feels. . . tender is the best word. I don't usually notice it at all, so I guess the skin down there must be stretching, too.

I am getting to the place where I got last time as far as nursery preparations in that I am starting to get antsy and ready to get on with the show. We are at a bit of a standstill until M's cousin comes to take the furniture in that room. I honestly feel as if it will all go pretty quickly after that, but it's still a lot of work and I will feel better after it's done. I still have some time until my self-imposed May 15 deadline, but I am starting to fear that I won't make it. Sigh.

I have been very fortunate to get a bin filled with 0 -3 month size girl clothes from one friend as well as a couple of small bags from a different girlfriend. We have enough newborn clothes now, which is a relief. I have also been looking at girl clothes lots on craiglist and there are some good deals to be had.

My MIL is planning a family and close friend BBQ/coed "sprinkle" for the first week of June. Gosh, it really seems to be scooting along. She'll be here before we even know it.


Jericho said...

Time really does fly! Glad things are going so well. Keep us posted!

Tracy said...

Burts Bees Belly Butter. Get some. It's the best thing for your belly, including that scar. I must have rubbed that stuff on 3-4 times per day at the end it felt so good. :)

Mazzy said...

Glad things are going so well. Quiet is GOOD. I hope you can get the move on the nursery soon, I know I would be very antsy!! :)

I found that borrowing early clothes was really the way to go. I didn't really start buying her clothes until we were at the 9 month age and the 9 and 12 months size

Debby said...

totally impressed by your 10 pound gain. I'm up almost 30 already. yikes! I'm huuuuuge.

Yetty said...

Hi, checked my blog for the first time in ages and saw your comment in Oct. Thanks for stopping by & nice to see you're doing really good.