Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Facebook Strikes Again

Okay, first off, those brownies I posted about yesterday? Yeah, they are amazing. And not difficult to make. I highly recommend them.

Secondly, almost a week later, I got April Fooled. I was on my guard the day of, but wasn't expecting the sneak-five-days-later-attack. It was well-orchestrated, I'll give 'em that. And old friend of mine (actually, a guy I dated for 2.2 seconds and then stayed in contact with as friends) is one of my FB friends. Now, we didn't date long, and one of the reasons for this (among many, many reasons) is that he had no interest in marriage or any of what he referred to as the "White Picket Fence Trap."

Now, the day of April 1st, I had several friends who thought it was funny to announce a pregnancy. None of them were actually pregnant and I didn't fall for any of it. I was especially suspicious of any status updates that day.

Yesterday on my Live Feed, I noticed that he had changed his relationship status from "in a relationship" to "married." Of course, I was curious. I clicked over and saw that not only had he changed that, but he had also posted a small album of Wedding Pictures to his profile. The pictures showed him in a suit with a girl in a short white dress. The pictures were titled things like "Making It Official" and "Can't Wait For the Honeymoon" and were the usual garter-grabbing, cake-smashing, ring-exchanging wedding type pictures. I didn't even think twice before chiming into the other wall posts starting to call out their congratulations on the happy news.

Yeah, so it turns out that the entire thing was a hoax. They didn't get married, but they were at a friend's wedding and posed for the pictures after the ceremony. Today's status from him was: April Fools goes all month long! Gotcha!

You know what? I was actually a little disappointed for him. I kind of do think he'll stay a life-long bachelor and part of me thinks that it's kind of sad. I know that he came from a bad home situation (divorced parents, abusive, alcoholic dad) and doesn't have a good image of what a positive marriage can be like. I hoope that some day, he changes his status for real and gets to know the good side of the "White Picket Fence."


Ms. J said...

I never even thought of people posting a hoax pregnancy. That's really low and disgusting. Clearly they nor no one they love, have been devastated by a lost baby or the drain of fertility challenges.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I feel kind of sorry for an adult who thinks it is funny to play with people's emotions like that. I mean, maybe on April Fool's Day, but really?

Jen said...

I just don't find the I'm pregnant or I'm married jokes to be very funny somehow. It looks like others agree. My sis announced her pregnancy on FB on 4/1, but she actually was pregnant!

Anonymous said...

oh lighten up people. its was a joke.

RoseAnn said...

I had a FB friend announce that his tour in Iraq had been extended. Apparently, he and his wife thought that was hilarious but much less so to all his friends who thought it was for real.

Infertile Photographer said...

I actually had friends who posted the "i'm pregnant" joke on FB, but they blocked me from seeing it, I only found out because we have mutual friends. I love april fools day, but there are some things I don't t hink you should "fool" about!