Thursday, April 29, 2010


Thanks for the virtual hugs yesterday. I have my first cortisone shot scheduled for tomorrow at 11 and I am hoping it brings some relief.

M and I will be celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary this weekend. Crazy how time has flown. I can remember the excitement of getting engaged, the magic of our wedding day, the bliss of our honeymoon, all as if it was just yesterday.

We are heading out of town this weekend and leaving Will with my MIL for two nights. This will be his first overnight since September. He spent the night at her house and had a great time. Then, separation anxiety reared its ugly head and my attempt to leave him at her house in October ended in disaster and hurt feelings on my MIL's part. He has been doing much better in the separation department lately. I can drop him off at my good friend's house with nary a tear. But for some reason, he still isn't as comfortable with his grandma and so I am expecting a teary good-bye on Saturday. But he also cries when we leave him in the church nursery, but according to all reports, he is fine two minutes later, so I am just keeping fingers crossed that the same is true this weekend.
M and I are heading to our old standby, the hotel where we stayed when we got engaged. It's a beautiful property that is just so relaxing. I can't wait to spend some serious time soaking in the tub, lounging on the window seat, and getting to nap!! We also have plans to go out to dinner at least once and the hotel serves a great breakfast. Gee, lots of eating and sleeping, a pregnant lady's two loves.

The best part is that the hotel is less than ten minutes away from my MIL's, so if there should be a situation where Will truly needs us, we can be there. It makes us all feel a bit better. Well, everyone but Will, who really can't understand that. But my MIL just bought a new swingset for her backyard with a baby swing and a slide. Playing outside is Will's absolute favorite thing to do do right now, so I think he'll be pretty happy and well entertained.

Hard as it will be to leave him, this will likely be our last trip prior to Emma's arrival. It's hard enough to leave one baby, so I can't imagine leaving two. It will probably be a long time before we can get away again... so even though we will probably both cry, I think it's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your shoulder pain, ughh.
I hope you have an awesome babymoon.

Rebecca said...

That place is gorgeous! Have a great time and try to relax...I know it's hard!

Anonymous said...

Sending good vibes for the shot! I hope it helps 150%!

What a great idea! That looks like so much fun! And what a wonderful way to incorperate old history with new memories.

I hope you guys have a wonderful time and come back really relaxed!

Anonymous said...

Ouch. I hope the shot kicks in before the trip!

Stacey said...

Sounds like fun! Hope you have a great time. Happy Anniversary! (Also, I hope Will does okay!)

A'Dell said...

Claire flipping LOVES my mom's house. The snacks! The toys! The late bedtimes!

She knows EXACTLY what's up the moment she walks in the door and is sort of like, "Whatever mom. Grammie and me and reading new books."

It's awesome seeing her form this kind of attachment and unique "just them" experiences.

I always, always miss her so much, but I'm so glad she doesn't flip out when we take her there.

Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Have a great time!