Monday, April 26, 2010

Just Another (not so) Manic Monday

I seem to have hit sort of an emotional wall these past couple of weeks. I have found myself extremely weepy over the littlest thing, which I know is a very common pregnancy side effect. I also just feel kind of sad in general, which is not my usual state of mind. I find myself upset over small things.

There is no one reason I can pinpoint for my sadness. I just seem to be extra sad and prone to tears. For example, this weekend we finally. . . drum roll, please. . . emptied out Emma's nursery. What a relief to get this major obstacle done! This was the only part of the project that I couldn't do myself and it was a huge stepping stone. Why, then, would I be sad about it?

Well, as M took the queen sized bed down, I remembered when we bought that bed. It was our first major purchase as a couple. We have had that mattress longer than our dogs. I spent a lot of time in that bed nursing Will, as there was a t.v. in that room, so I could comfortably lie there and nurse him, watch crappy 2 AM television, and let M rest in peace. So, I was in tears by the time he had hauled the mattress downstairs. My husband and my MIL were a little nonplussed by it, Will thinks it's funny when I cry and he laughs at me. This actually helps me to laugh at myself, too, since I know I am being silly.

I also know this weepy, overemotional, oversensitive stuff is just part and parcel of the whole pregnancy bag. I remember having these phases when I was pregnant with Will. I just can't wait until it passes!


Ms. J said...

I have moved so many times that I tend to not be emotional about furniture and rooms and homes . . . but I still can empathtize. I remember being 7 months pregnant and going through some stuff in the office-turning-into-nursery, and coming across stuff from our time in China with Lil Pumpkin. Like the outfit she was wearing when she was united with us. CUE THE HEAVING SOBS!!!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I understand. I got emotional when we got a new mattress because (drumroll please) I had bled all over the old one while miscarrying. Sigh.

Ms. J said...

interesting what Jen said about her mattress & m/c ... I have mixed feelings about ours for similar reasons .. On one hand it's like a deathbed/coffin I associate with m/c #3. On the other hand it's the last place that baby was inside my body before dying.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I too have been incredibly emotional over all sorts of things lately.

Is it wrong that I was secretly happy to hear that someone else's toddler thinks it's funny when they cry? Because I was a little worried about the fact that my dog is more empathetic than my child.

Anonymous said...

I am incredibly superstitious and so I wont move anything around the house because Im worried that it can give me back luck. And now I am moving completley and panicing. Its strange how the hormones can make us focus on one thing. i hope this adjustment comes with great positive things for you all!

Danifred said...

Hormones suck.
(Says the girl who cried all the way home tonight from class because her brother's dog is sick and may have to be put down)