Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mind Blowing

I have changed my ticker to a daily countdown. Something about crossing the threshold into double digits remaining has made me realize that she is really coming (you think?!?!) and that it's time to get ready!

Next weekend, M's cousin should be here by around 11 AM to get the furniture out of her room. That has been the major road block to getting the nursery moving. After the room has been emptied, my good friend will help me measure out where the chair rail will go, we can install the closet organizer, and then I can finally paint. I really feel (and perhaps this is just wishful thinking on my part, but let a girl dream!) that once the paint is up, it's going to go really fast. We can put up the chair rail and curtain rods. The furniture is just sitting in our friends' garage, waiting to be moved in and set up. The bedding is ready to go, the curtains are being sewn, so I feel as if a lot of it will just be little details after that. I still haven't figured out art work, but I have some ideas that are brewing. I just want to see how things look after the paint is up to get a better idea as far as which colors I want to accentuate.

I also have been so blessed to have been the recipient of a friend's absolutely adorable handmedowns. We are all set on 0 - 3 month clothing and she has promised me that as soon as her own little girl grows out of ther 3 - 6 month clothing, it is ours as well. We are talking all name brand, insanely cute stuff. Going through it brought tears to my eyes. I also have another girlfriend who has just entered the second trimester and will find out what she's having at the end of May. She had a little girl just a few weeks before Will was born, so if she is having a boy, we are hoping to do some trades, too. We'll really be set then!

I still have a lot to do before this little one arrives, but I think I will definitely start to feel better once the nursery is well underway! I do know that a lot of the details are just that. . . details. . . but I also know that once Emma is here, my time for details will be very limited, so I'd like to get as much of it out of the way beforehand as possible.


HereWeGoAJen said...

If you feel like elaborating on that chair rail idea, I think I might end up needing one for my new dining room.

Anonymous said...

You're in double digits already? Wow! Emma will be here before you know it! Definitely get as much done as you can now because you'll be so much happier that you did! ((hugs))

Debby said...

doesn't the double digits just feel so good?! I'm loving the light at the end of the tunnel. And I'm in a mad rush to complete everything too! We can do it!

Joy said...

Details are FUN! I was going to do chair rail in the nursery but we ran out of moolah. I cannot WAIT to see the nursery pictures!!!!!!!