Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

I saw this on another blog (can't remember which one. . . if it's yours, please shout out so I can credit and link to you) and liked it. Consider yourself tagged to do the same on your blog if you want to reveal your own little indulgences.


10. Roy Rogers or Shirley Temples (I actually bought grenadine and cherries to have these at home whenever the mood strikes which is embarassingly often as of late).
9. Taking a nap. And by nap, I mean a real one, getting into comfy clothes, getting under all under the covers and snuggly, and sleeping for more than an hour of sleep. Yeah, that sounds really good right now.
8. Soft blankets. I have five throw blankets. Two upstairs in my bedroom and three downstairs. I like different types of blankets depending on how cold or warm I am (and yes, sometimes I still like a light blanket, even in the summer when I am warm - I'm weird like that). I am especially fond of throw blankets from Costco. The problem is that each year, they get softer and more wonderful and they aren't expensive, so it's difficult to say no to, but I don't want to throw out any of my old ones.
7. Pedicures. Need I say more?
6. Bath and Body Works fragrance oils. I love them, especially to light about fifteen minutes before guests arrive. Having three animals, I am phobic about their fur and smells. I obsessively vacuum (at least once a day) and use Febreeze likes it's my job. But I also like to light these oils when I want the house to smell extra good. They are kind of expensive, but worth every penny to me, and they go on sale fairly often.
5. Cheesy romance novels. They are like mind-candy for me. I like to read more serious literature, but every once in awhile, it's just nice to read something mindless. They are good to enjoy in the bath. . . see #3 below.
4. Chili cheese fries. They are soooo good. But I am picky. The chili cannot have beans in it (though I do like beans in my chili if I am eating it plain) and I do not like "fake" cheese on them. It has to be shredded cheddar.
3. Hot baths. I really like baths to be almost too hot, which is something I can't do in pregnancy. I still like a nice warm bath, however, complete with bubbles, candles, and a good book.
2. McDonald's Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit with hashbrowns. I limit these to a very rare indulgence, but manoman.
1. American Idol. I know. I know. But I am addicted and I get a little sad each year when it's over. I can't imagine that I will watch next year (what kind of show will it be without Simon - and I already miss Paula!) so this is it for me.


J said...

I am guilty of all that too..except for AI.
This reminds me, I need a pedicure! :) Hope all is going well


Mel said...

I love those BNBW oils! We've been using them for years and always get compliments, they have some of those most awesome scents and they linger forever.

Have I mentioned my dad works for a McDonald's franchise? >:)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I have those fragrance oils too and I love them. But, I tried essential oils, and it turns out I love them more! Especially peppermint, it makes the whole house smell so fresh and clean.

Danifred said...

What a fun list! I love McD's breakfast. L.O.V.E.