Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Is the Point?

I am doing a lot of whining on this blog lately.

And I don't like it one bit.

Thank you for the comments regarding my last post. Like pretty much every other woman on this planet, I have some issues regarding weight and body proportions. I had hoped that pregnancy would quiet those inner demonds, but it has only muffled them. I doubt the onslaught of hormones combined with the comments from friend, family, and foe is helping.

However, I need only to look through my own blog, or glance at the pages of others to know that there is nothing in this world that I would trade for this baby and the opportunity to carry him. Pregnancy is a miracle, a hard fought battle for so many people, and instead of valuing it, I am crying about a little weight gain.

Now, this doesn't mean that I am not going to post about aches and pains and weight gain. After all, this is a blog about my pregnancy-after-infertility, and I wouldn't want to exclude that or make it less authentic. But I also want to talk more about the miracles of pregnancy and less about the minor inconveniences.

Like the fact that when I feel my baby move, everything else in this world pretty much doesn't matter at all. And isn't that the point?


Jen said...

Just because it was difficult to get here does not mean you are permanently excluded from any pregnancy related complaints. So when you need to whine! And we'll be here to cheer you up.

Mel said...

We all have bad days, and it's great to have this place to vent. Don't feel guilty for being a woman! We are all so hard on ourselves. As long as you can find it in your heart that no matter what, it's all worth it, you are going to be fine.
We love you no matter what!

Ms. J said...

Honey, it's US -- you are allowed to whine and vent as much as you want with US!!!

To be truthful, I hate when the Fertile Myrtles of the world complain. But when someone who has struggled to get pregnant (or stay pregnant, with m/c's), I am incredibly empathetic and have tons of support to offer them!

So save the "life is wonderful" person for the rest of the world, and park your True Self (whatever it is at a given moment) right here with us, your faithful readers ;o)

Fertilized said...


I have had quite the whine fest on my blog as well - but your right - the movements take all that worry in the world away for atleast a few small minutes or 2. blog on sister!

gracechild said...

You're fully understood girl. Always stay true to yourself and your emotions. I confess that in the midst of all these IF stuff, I'm still very concerned about my grades on the "are you hot" scale and will be more so with pregnancy. SO don't worry about it. We (normal people :) ) have those thoughts sometimes

Kathy V said...

I am glad you are feeling better. But you write about what you want to. We will be here to share in your joy or here to hug you when you need a pick me up.

Amy said...

you would not be normal if you didn't complain. PG sucks at this stage, it's the end result that matters the most! Love that boy already!

Adriane said...

Of course you wouldn't trade this baby/pregnancy for anything. Everyone must complain - don't feel bad about it. Life is never perfect! And, for what it's worth, I don't think you're complaining much at all!!! Feeling the baby move is the BEST!