Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kindest of Kindness

I feel so honored to have received recognition from one of my favorite blogging pals, Farah at Fertilized.

This is perfect, because now I can honor some of my other favorite ladies, who show such kindness, not only to me, but to others as well. Each of you is a major part of my infertility and pregnancy journey, and I am so thankful for you.

I pass the torch to:

Mel at Where's My Belly?
JJ at Reproductive Jeans
Brown Eyed Girl at Down That Dirt Road
Adriene at It Will Happen
Joy at Seven Shades of Red
My Reality at Mixing it Up

Amy at Life Without William Henry

Antigone at Antigone Lost

Thank you again.


Jen said...

You are kind! I've always thought so.

Mel said...

This award is TRULY perfect for you. You are one of the kindest, sweetest spirits I have ever had the pleasure of encountering!
Thank you so much for passing it along to me. I strive to have only 1/2 the kind heart you share with all of us. ;)

Maria said...

You are the epitome of kindness.

Fertilized said...

Much deserved!

sara said...

Just started reading your blog, but you do seem like a really kind person! Hope you're doing well :-)

Amy said...

Aww, aren't you just the sweetest, of course that's why you got the award you know! Thank you for passing it my way, I truly appreciate it! Hang in there and enjoy all that you can with this pregnancy! Thinking of you always! XO Amy

Anonymous said...

You deserve the award. Thank you for passing it along!

Antigone said...

I really like our community. I've been incredibly amazed by the supportiveness and empathy of so many other women.

gracechild said...

You deserve the award girl. You are a star in this sometimes gloomy realm.

Joy said...

Thank you so much, Katie! The reason I come in here and check out your blog every day is because YOU ARE SWEET! You definitely earned the award. I have never gotten a blog award, so I don't even know what I'm supposed to do. I am very honored. Thank you!

Adriane said...

Thank you so much, Katie. It really means so much to me to be honored by you. Your kindness to all bloggers is unmatched. Thank you for thinking of me.