Monday, May 19, 2008

The Truth Hurts

I had my 25-week OB appointment today.

It went well. We heard the lovely sound of Little Man's heartbeat. I measured correctly (still a week ahead overall). Next month will be my 1-hour GT screen and then we start going every two weeks.

The only hiccup is that I am gaining weight - which I guess is a no-brainer, but still bothers me a tad. I am right on track for where I should be for a 30 - 35 pound weight gain. That just seems like so much. But as my husband said, "You can't have a healthy baby and not gain weight."



Anonymous said...


Be nice to yourself sweetie, listen to your hubby. It's all for a good cause.

I laugh now, but I outweighed my husband when mine were due!
So Hungry!!

Congratulations on your little boy!

Nicky said...

I know it can be tough to watch the scale going up when you're used to fighting against it, but as long as you keep it in the healthy range, you're doing the right thing. (I tend to also feel bad when my weight DOESN'T go up, because I feel like I'm starving my child, so I guess you just can't win....)

Polka Dot said...

You're supposed to gain weight, silly. I know it's hard to see it, but it's a requirement. Honest.


Jen said...

Only 15 weeks left!!! It's hard to believe it's time to move to 2 week appointments already. And yeah, I know it seems like a lot of weight but that is well within the recommendations. I'm sure you look absolutely wonderful.

Amy said...

You go girl, gain all the weight you can! You'll have plenty of time to take it off when your little guy has you running every where.

Best wishes to you, Katie!

Kim said...

25 weeks is so awesome!

I agree, don't get down on yourself... it's totally expected and I'm sure that you'll lose it really quickly. So it's just temporary, and in the end - you get a baby out of it :O).

Geohde said...

My weight gain would make yours look restrained, believe me.

I've gained over 30 pounds, and I'm not even in the third tri yet,


Fertilized said...

you just keep doing what you are doing - lil man is growing and doing a good job too! He needs you to gain weight for him

Kristen said...

I'm so glad your Little Man is doing perfectly!

The weight gain is also troubling for me. I've gained about 28-29 lbs. And while it has been gradual and the doctor's praise me, I feel like a hog. Just remember, it's all for baby. He needs to grow fat right alongside Mommy.

You're doing great! XOXO

K @ ourboxofrain said...

As everyone else (including you and your husband) has noted, it's all for a good cause, even though it's totally stressful and makes us all uncomfortable (with regard to our own weight gain -- not yours!). I'm nervous about stepping on the scale next week too. Ick.

Only fifteen weeks to go -- awesome! And you're almost in the double digits on days to go!

sara said...

I'm glad your appointment went well, and I know what you mean...even though it's for the best cause, it's a little odd to think about gaining so much weight. But I'm sure you look gorgeous!