Thursday, May 8, 2008

First Major Baby Purchases

As I posted earlier in the week, I am starting to feel a bit behind on nursery preparations. I was bemoaning this fact to a friend, who suggested that I go to this store. I did not even know that they had nursery things there, let alone the best selection of nursery furniture, bedding, and accessories that I have seen. I like that it's all set up, too, so you can see how the things really look, rather than trying to zoom into pictures online or picture it from a piece of railing on a display. It's kind of like the bargain basement version of BRU.

I was like a little kid in a candy store, as I zoomed around, looking at the cribs. I was kind of annoyed when a sales lady kept approaching me, asking me if I needed anything, especially a high chair, rocker, or swing. I politely put her off a few times, saying that I was just looking. When she came back again, I was almost ready to ask her nicely to leave me to browse, when she said the magic words:


Actually, what she said was, "Our national manager is here from New Jersey and let us mark down some of our floor models. I am talking $200 items for $20."

Okay, now she had my full attention.

I followed her to a corner of the store, which will from here on out be known as The Corner of Bargains. And she hadn't misadvertised.

I bought this. I had been wanting one, purely for emotional reasons. and had decided against registering for it because it just isn't necessary. They are spendy and I know that you can just use a pack n' play for the same purpose. But when I saw the price tag, I could not resist. Marked down from $109 to $39.

Then, my eyes bugged out of my head when I next saw this. This actual one is on my registry, so I know that it costs $140. But it was marked $30.

Now, these were floor models, but there were in perfect condition. Not a scratch, spot, or speck. I was in quite the quandry, because I have promised the husband that I will not make major baby purchases, besides a crib, which takes a few weeks to order. It's not that he does not want to buy things, but again referring to my earlier post, we are supposed to be clearing things out before bringing new things in. But at these prices, I felt it would be a crime to walk away from them.

So, I sent him pictures on his phone of each bargain and then called him to see if the ban could be lifted. Luckily for me, he was about to leave for a meeting and didn't really have time to talk. Which meant that he told me to do what I wanted. Which meant that I did.

It was a bit tricky getting both pieces into my car, but with the help of a really nice assistant manager, we got the job done. The swing and bassinet are now sitting in our spare bedroom and I couldn't be more pleased with my bargains. I keep picturing our little man in this bassinet and it makes me so happy.

Oh, and I almost positive that I found our crib, too. We're going to go back and order it this weekend.

Next, I need to pick bedding and colors.

And clean out the room and the garage, but let's not get carried away. . .


Mel said...

What great bargains! You couldn't possibly have NOT gotten them.

Jen said...

OMG...what bargains! Maybe I'm going to have to go to the one near me.

Anonymous said...

That's AMAZING!! I've always loved BCF, but I haven't been there in a lonnnng time. I will stick that away in the corner of my mind. Woohoo!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

Those are awesome bargains! We may have to hit the one near us on Saturday, which was when we decided we were going to attempt to order furniture (fyi: I'm terrified and overwhelmed).

Jen said...

Yeah, you absolutely HAD to buy those. I am going to have to go to that store eventually.

Fertilized said...

here is an amazing registry that I wish i knew about when i was registering. I could have picked stuff from different stores.

GREAT SNAG on the bargains! good luck with the crib ordering

Kathy V said...

I love that store. I discovered the baby section a few years ago when my friend had a baby and only registered there. It is awesome. ours has a really good selection of baby clothes for a fraction of the cost too. It is great. The bargains sound good too. I will have to see if our store marked anything down recently.

Joy said...

Baby shopping is so much fun!!!

Adriane said...

That rocks! I love a good bargain. Cute stuff, too!!! The bassinet is adorable!

Searching said...

We have one of those right down the street from my work. They also have a great selection of preemie clothes for decent prices. WTG on the awesome bargains!

Navy Wife said...

How wonderful that you found such great deals. I have been following your blog for a while. I loved my bassinett and my babies loved it to.