Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I think it is too early for nesting, but I am starting to feel a little. . . nestful?

I have not been all that worried about the nursery. It is currently our home office. As I work from home, this room is essential. We are planning on buying a nice computer desk (the kind you can close up behind doors) for our living room and moving all of our stuff down to that. There is then the matter of a shelf FULL of books, which I will probably just take to a consignment bookstore, and the more concerning matter of a CLOSET of crap. Not crap, really, but there is a lot of junk in there. Cleaning the room out would probably take a day in and of itself. But that's not the only issue.

Our garage is a disaster area. Some of it is work-related. I have to store company product and materials at my house and that's where it is relegated. There are stacks to the ceiling of work crap.

The rest of it is squirrel-related. No, we don't have squirrels. Both my husband and I are savers - we like to squirrel away rather useless things. I have boxes of childhood toys, so does he. I have a lot of knick knacks and decorations for different holidays. My husband wants to clean out the garage so that we can move some of the closet crap into that area. It makes a lot of sense. But it also makes for a mountain of work. Probably a full weekend project.

And I haven't decided on a nursery theme at all. Not even close. Not colors, motif, bedding, furniture, nada.

All of this means that I haven't done squat with the nursery and it hasn't really bothered me.

Until now.

The past couple of weeks, it has started niggling at the back of my brain. I think it has to do with the fact that many of my pregnant friends already have their nurseries baby-ready. Sure, some of them are much farther along, but most of them are right around my gestational period - or less!

Also, Little Man is moving so much right now that I am feeling more and more confident that he will actually be the RLB that I have been dreaming of. Sure, I still get fears and doubts, and I know that so much could go wrong. But so much could go right, too. This realization is making me want to get things ready for him, to have a place to bring him home to.

I tried talking to my husband about it last night, and he is in no hurry. He thinks we have plenty of time and that we don't need to rush. He thinks we should wait until June. June?! We have two showers in June, from which I assume we will get some baby things. It would be really nice to have a place to put said things, rather than just pile them someplace else and create another mess!

I know from talking to other pregnant ladies that this is a common theme. I think that if husbands had it their way, they would start prepping the nursery when the water broke. But that is no longer an option. I am ready to move things, to paint, to assemble furniture, to put up pictures!

And don't even get me started on his name!


Jen said...

You have plenty of time, but I can definitely relate to wanting to get ahead of the game. It is amazing how easy it is to fill your house with things. It is hard to find the energy to sort through it all though and start the baby prep!

Anonymous said...

I can't really speak to the pregnancy nesting per se, but I do know that every spring I have this intense urge to CLEAN! I want dust-free blinds, and sparkling floors, and spot free windows. This year though I've had this mad desire to get rid of clutter. j and I aren't huge packrats, but we keep our fair share of needless stuff. We've been selling stuff on craigslist for a while, which has helped get rid of the bigger, nicer things plus put a few bucks back in our pockets. But my favorite new website is freecycle.org. I LOVE it. It's great for all the weird crap that you know isn't worth much, but you really don't want to throw it away, and even the stuff you don't know how to dispose of. Today I have people picking up our garage refrigerator (broken and we don't use it), an old computer tower (someone wants it for parts), and decaying railroad ties (from our yard that I didn't know how to dispose of). One one hand you're just passing junk around, but it's keeping it out of the landfill and that's a-ok with me! Good luck with your nesting!

Kathy V said...

It is still early for me but if my hubby had his way the nursery would have been DONE several weeks ago. I kind of put my foot down for a little while but it is neat to see it changing. all of the furniture went down to the already overstuffed, non used game room. Maybe if you start looking at nursery bedding and themes, he will get inspired to start getting things done. Plus if you have two showers coming up, it might be a good idea to atleast have a theme in mind before then so that some things can be registered for or peoplehave an idea of what you are going with. Hope that helps.

Fertilized said...

I have a crib in a box, a vbedding set in a box, a dresser/changer in the office and a room with a twin bed and a closet full f extra clothes, china and othre squirreled items (like you explained) My husband says w earen't starting on teh nursery until june either - I am due june30/jul1 ...some days i panic other days are quite zenful. If he wants too long and i cant help. I get to point and supervise ;) just remember that - point and supervise!

gracechild said...

you've got a 117 days girl, take your time. You can probably start scouting magazines and stuff for ideas now. I do look forward to seeing the nursery pictures when you eventually have it all set up.

Nicky said...

That sounds like the exact situation in our house, including hubby spending days cleaning the garage out to make room for stuff currently living in the future nursery (including 4 floor-to-ceiling bookshelves).

We instituted a "crap-neutral policy" -- between now and January, our house will be crap-neutral. Any crap that enters the house must be matched by an equal volume of crap LEAVING the house. Hubby quickly agreed to the concept, so when he was then presented with a list of items that will need to be entering the house in the next few weeks (crib, swing, rocker, etc. etc. etc.) he caught on to the big picture and got to work getting rid of crap.

Adriane said...

I totally understand about wanting to get the nursery done! I'm sure you'll get started soon. My hubby acts very similar. In fact, he hasn't even brought up getting the nursery done! Guess he assumes I'll provide direction when I'm ready?! I can't wait to see pics when you get it done!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I think nesting can start at any time...this from someone who is 29 weeks and hasn't had even the slightest interest in nesting activities. Go with it and enjoy! From what I hear it can be a very productive time... :)

Geohde said...

Sounds like my spouse. I spend most of the time contracting and yet...no names.


Debby said...

I say get moving...with or without das's help. I just had to move along and do the closet and garage cleaning myself....he was in no hurry either. But trust me, once those showers come and you bring the mountans of baby stuff in, you will want a designated place for it all. Even with the nursery being ready pre-shower, it still took me a full week of all my free time to get everything put away. But there was somrthing so satisfying when it was all done. I could breathe easier and just sit back and wait for the little guy to cook some more.

Joy said...

I just wanted to tell you this: having healthy babies is the NORM, not the exception!

And as for getting the nursery ready, you should at least get the garage cleaned up. From there clear out the office. And then... nursery!!! Ooh, I love decorating.

You can find neat ideas for nursery themes at Babies R Us just by browsing their bedding sets (you actually don't need those sets, by the way, but you'd get great ideas!).

Definitely get it done before the showers or you will feel incredibly overwhelmed by having a LOT to do in a little time.