Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It Really Gets You Thinking

Okay, so I called my OB's office and spoke with his medical assistant. She said that any dull cramps or tugging pains are fine. She even said that shooting, quick pains can be okay, too - the infamous round ligament pains. However, she said if I had any bleeding, if the cramps didn't go away with rest, or if I was just still worried, then I should come in for a heartbeat check. Since I haven't had any spotting, I have decided (for now anyway), to be brave and believe that these cramps are just a normal pregnancy side effect.

I know that my pregnancy nerves are also increased when I hear about a loss. Pregnancy has always ended badly for me and when someone that I care about has a miscarriage, it reminds me of how much it hurts when it ends. I am not trying to make someone else's pain about me, but our losses are just so fresh and it just brings back the pain.

My friend, A, is having an early miscarriage. She has fifteen month old twins from an IVF cycle. She and her husband wanted a third baby and did their FET in mid-February. Her betas were low to begin with, but doubled appropriately. However, she is a POAS-aholic and her tests started getting fainter. She went back in and her beta was only at 21 on Friday. She started the spotting today and she is heartbroken. They had to thaw all five of their blasts to get two "good" quality embryos for the transfer, so they would have to do a fresh cycle if they wanted to try again. She was working and had good insurance for their first cycle, but is now a stay at home mom and they simply don't have the money for another shot. I am heartbroken for them.


Fertilized said...

I am glad that your OB was there for you. And a loss is a loss. I think that those of use that struggle to stay pregnant are always hyper aware of others losses and "if it can happen to them, then it can happen for me" thoughts run rampede in our brains. Hang in there-You will make it!

moosk said...

i'm glad your o.b. offered some good, calming advice. i'm not a doctor at all, but in reading your last post, i think that if i were you, i would just be lazy and not work out at all... it might be overreacting, but to me safer is almost always better.

i was sorry to read about your friend. that's just so tough.

BrownEyedGirl said...

Good to hear that your OB reassured you Katie!!

I'm sorry for your friend, A's loss. A loss is a loss, it's tough on all of those who are affected, especially when we know all too well what they're going through! My heart goes out to you and her!

take care Sweetie!

Tracy said...

I am so sorry for A's loss.

IKWYM about how hearing about others' m/c's can "bring it home" for you. Totally normal.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, and I'm sure all will be fine.

Mel said...

I am so glad to hear that you are ok and more at peace with your situation.
I am so sorry for your friend, that is the worst. :(

Maria said...

I'm so sorry about your friend, I'll be praying for her and her family.

I'm also sorry that you've been experiencing more cramping that makes you worried. Please know that I'm always out there thinking about you and praying for your little baby.