Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bumps In the Night?

Okay, for those of you that are farther along this pregnancy spectrum, when did you know for sure that it was the baby moving?

I am fifteen weeks, three days pregnant and am not sure if what I am feeling could possibly be some early taps, or just my hopeful imagination. Or gas.

I have a friend that is 20 weeks pregnant and only started feeling the movements late last week. And she tells me that it is way too early.

Give me your stories, tell me what it "felt" like. I am eager to feel this baby MOVE!


PamalaLauren said...

I was probably around 20 weeks when I finally felt her kick and it was pretty obvious I was being kicked. Now could I have been feeling things and not known it, probably since it was my first. But I'm also "fat" so I have a lot of fat to kick through to feel.
15 weeks is not too early. I know women who have felt the flutters at 12 weeks.

Nancy in Redmond, WA said...

With my first I started feeling things around 16 weeks. At first it felt like a tiny fish flopping around, then it felt like popcorn popping or bubbles popping. Later on it gets very obvious!

Good luck and I'm glad you posted. This lurker was getting worried.

Susan said...

It was a light and fluttering sensation. Like butterflies. I said to my mom (she's a nurse), "I think I'm having gas." and she said, "No. That's the baby." I want to say it was before twenty weeks.

Kim said...

You'll know. Once you feel REAL kicks, then you'll know that what you were feeling was definitely a beautiful bean. I started feeling very light movement at 16 weeks, and now I can feel kicks from the outside.

Kim said...
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Fertilized said...

i read hte other day and have been meaning to post this - one blogger put it perfectly - she said it felt like a bowl of rice crispies in her belly!! And that was is the truth. In the beginning this is EXACTLY want it felt like to me. 15 weeks is not too early if you are keen on your body ( which all us IF-ers are) If things are "shifting, moving, feeling vibrations, weird like stuff that did not happen pre-pregnancy, It's the baby (no matter WHAt people tell you)

Mrs. Piggy said...

lets face it, we know our bodies too well. mine started around 18 weeks, felt like a little gas bubble...i do believe you are feeling him/her!

Geohde said...

I'm sixteen weeks and pretty sure that I'm feeling movement.

Tiny pokes and flutters, not like gas at all. They almost tickle. Bet they won't in a few months though!


Annalien said...

You might very well be feeling the baby. I felt my first just before 16 weeks and the second just before 14 weeks. It felt a bit like bubbles popping or a feather brushing. LAter of course it becomes unmistakeable kicks. It depende on how your uterus is positioned and especially where your placenta has attached as to how soon you feel movement. Yay for fetal movement!

JuliaS said...

There are different factors that can determine when you might feel the baby moving - your size, which way your uterus is tilted (some are retrograde and can make feeling movement more difficult), position of the placenta (anterior placenta can mask a lot of movement) and previous pregnancies (experience).

I have been pg 13 times - 6 term or near term pgs. I have felt movement as early as 14-15 weeks and known that was what it was and gone 20 weeks without feeling much or being sure. I felt my first two very early. Living child #3 (how weird is it to assign your child a title like that?) came with an anterior placenta. At my 20 week scan I mentioned that was unsure if I had felt much if any movement. They did the scan - my little monkey was all over the place. The tech had a ton of difficulty pinning him down for measurements to the point of exasperation. I felt maybe 15% of it and not very well despite SEEING him moving all over the place like a wild man.

Over the next few weeks, you will probably begin to feel more confident that what you are feeling now is indeed the baby.

Early movements for me sometimes just felt like a small tap or tapping, or a ticklish wave that moved over the inside of my belly.

LOL - just wait until you start getting those 3 am soccer matches in the last trimester!

Anonymous said...

i started to feel the baby around 15 weeks or so - never was very sure if it really was the baby or just gas. cuz it feels like gas, but up higher. like little bubbles or flutters?

i was sure by 18 weeks that it was the baby. it took another 2 weeks for hubby to feel the baby from the outside though.