Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things of Four

Browned Eyed Girl over at A Few Good Eggs tagged me a few days ago. Never one to break the chain, I present to you My Things of Four.

Four jobs I have held in my life
I worked at an insurance company and did cold calling for auto, home, & life insurance - AND I ACTUALLY LIKED IT
I was a barista manager (and made pretty good tips, too!)
I worked for Campbell Soup as a sales manager - heard a few Mmmm-Mmmm Good jokes
I was a new student orientation advisor at my college and introduced incoming freshmen to the campus - probably one of my favorite jobs of all time

Four movies I have watched more than once
Gosh, I love to watch movies more than once. Here are just four of them:
"While You Were Sleeping" - and I have a BIG crush on Bill Pullman
"American President" - just think it's too cute
"American History X" - I also have a strange crush on Edward Norton
"Lady and the Tramp" - again, the cute factor

Four places I have vacationed
Mexico (four times)
Vancouver Island (Canada)
New York

Four of my favorite foods
Mexican (I love cheese enchiladas or chicken fajitas best)
Pretty much anything dessert
My mom's homemade chicken stew with dumplings

Four places I would rather be
With my husband and furbabies
Taking a nice, hot bath
Taking a nap
Aventura Spa Palace in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

Four hobbies I engage in regularly
Watching tv
Walking/playing with the furkids
Cooking (and eating the results!)

Okay, now I tag FOUR people:

Polka Dot
Fertilize Me

Go forth and multiply!

PS: Suppression check tomorrow at 11 AM.


Geohde said...

Good luck with the suppression check...hope those ovaries are whipped into submission.

Samantha said...

"Pretty much any dessert"--that's me too!

Good luck today!

Anonymous said...

Wowza, thanks for the tag! I feel all sorts of fancy for that! :)

Good luck with the scan today, I'm having a good feeling that the overly-anxious follie got the message to shrink back into oblivion.