Sunday, November 25, 2007


I am such a bad blogger lately. I was doing so well.

A combination of work being absolutely NUTS, the holidays, and now, some computer issues have combined to make me less than attentive to the blogasphere.

This week is also going to be a bit crazy, but I will try to be better about checking in on my dear friends, as well as updating those of you actually interested in the inner workings of a crazy infertile.

I actually did write a Thanksgiving entry, with some things that I am thankful for. Then, the aforementioned computer issues stepped in, and I have been without a computer since. However, thanks to my genius husband, those issues have (hopefully) been resolved!

In that entry, I listed the following as Things I Am Thankful For:

1) My husband & family - including my angels and my furbabies
2) My friends - both "real life" and blogger
3) My health (generally good, other than this whole IF debacle)
4) My nice, warm house to stay cozy in
6) Everything seems to be clicking away for this IVF cycle

And, indeed, everything does seem to be going well with this suppression business. Giving myself shots has actually become easy. I have only given myself one tiny bruise and it's not really even worth mentioning. I have had a few bouts of nausea, but nothing to be concerned about.

I did have a mini-meltdown in Lowe's last night, which my husband attributed to "the drugs," but I think it was more the fact that we were looking at Christmas decorations and there was a whole display of "Baby's First" items. I get sad when I see those things, as I really thought that we would have a baby by this Christmas. We also lost Gummy Bear in early December, so the holiday buzz is really bringing back some memories and emotions. Either way, I ended up crying at the store because my husband didn't want the same scent of candles that I did and he also didn't want the light up snowman that I thought would be perfect for the front yard. We ended up getting the scents that I wanted and passing on the snowman (if you saw how overstuffed our garage and house already are, you would understand why).

Today, I set up our Christmas tree and all of our other decorations. I am really trying hard to get in the spirit of the holidays this year. I am very glad to be going through the IVF procedures right now, as I think they give me the hope that I desperately need. If we weren't doing anything proactive AND didn't have a baby. . . well, I think BAH HUMBUG would become my favorite expression.

Suppression check is this Friday.


Fertilize Me said...

glad the computer issues seems to be resolved and woohoo on no bruises! Glad you made it through Thaksgiving and Lowe's experience alive.

Kristen said...

So glad you checked in! I'm sorry the holiday is stirring up some raw emotions. I feel the same way, being that my Snowflake was due in January. I thought I'd be decorating with a big bump and here I am, still childless and bumpless.

I hope all goes well on Friday's check! XOXO

Geohde said...

I'm glad that your computer is all better, and that suppression is proving a breeze.

Good luck with your scan and I totally relate to the supermarket meltdown.....



In Search of Morning Sickness said...

You seem to be doing really great with the supression drugs... Hope Friday's check goes well!

I understand this time of year can be really tough, compounded by your losing Gunny Bear last December. *hug*

Looking forward to hearing something good on Friday!

Tracy said...

I think the feeling sad over Christmas decorations is NOT the drugs. The candle issue, yes, drugs. :)

But I'm totally with you on the giant snowman.

Hope all goes well on Friday. I look forward to your updates.

xoxo (and I'm thankful for you, too.)

Debby said...

I'm very familiar with the crying in public places over things that make no sense....cause it's really always something bigger than candles or whatever else. Sometimes it's easier to cry over nothing, than to cry over the things that truly matter. Kudos to your husband for caving in to your scent of candles. He's a wise man to not mess with the hormones in the middle of a public place. :-)

Yoka said...

Thanks for updating. It is always so nice to read from you. I so understand your breakdown at Lowes. Glad that the IVF is going well so far.

Anonymous said...

Yay for getting your decorations up already! I haven't even thought about where my boxes of decorations are yet. :) I hope your cycle continues to go well!! Lots of hugs and thoughts and prayers to you!

jennifercarol said...

Wow you're decorations are up already? I've really got to get moving on that! It just seems like Thanksgiving came really early this year.

Oh and I don't think it was the drugs making you cry. Between the holidays and memories of gummy bear, its no wonder you're a little sensitive. It does suck to break into tears in public though.

Searching said...

Awww, so sorry the holiday season is so rough. :( I am sure it is so very hard with Gummy's date being around the holidays. Good luck with this cycle!