Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Protocol and TAG!

Thanks in no small part to many of your prayers and crossed fingers, my period came on Saturday morning, which safely puts us in the window for the December transfers. I will begin Lupron injections on November 18 and if all goes according to plan, that puts our egg retrieval at December 12. However, we have no idea how I will respond to the medications. A girlfriend of mine was oversuppressed and had to delay everything by a full cycle. So, keep those fingers crossed and prayers coming.

About a week ago, Tracy tagged me for 7 Quirky Things About Me. I actually did this about a while back, but I am not one to let a tag go. So [insert drumroll here, please] I am introducing a NEW tag:

Okay, I confess, I saw this on someone else's blog. But for lack of my own creativity, I thought it was worth a try. All you do is type your first name followed by the word "needs" into Google and see what you come back with. For example, I typed in "Katie needs" and this, dear friends, is what I need according to the good Dr. Google:

Katie needs an ultimate Katie Holmes ressource with news, pictures, wallpapers and much more! (Hmmm, I don't really think that I need that, but if you do, here is the website - who knew?

Katie needs a home (In this case, Katie happens to be a parrot that is up for adoption. If you are interested, you can adopt Katie here:

Katie needs HULA LESSONS! (This is true, I suppose, because I do not know how to hula and my husband and I are considering taking a vacation to Hawaii.)

Katie needs to let Jack go. (Hmmmm. My dog's name is Jack. Where does he want to go?)

Katie needs a blog! (Hey, finally something that I have already taken care of!)

Now, I am going to tag THREE people. Why three, I am not sure, but I am!

I am going to tag Geohde, because we all know how much she likes to play with Google. I am also going to tag Polka Dot, because she got so excited last time that I tagged her. And since Tracy tagged me, now I am tagging her back! Go forth and find what you need!


laksh said...

Good Luck with the new steps you are taking. I will be thinking of you and will check often for updates even if am in India on vacation :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for AF! It's not to often we can say that, right? :) I'm hoping for something like clockwork for this cycle. Good luck getting ready for the injections!

JJ said...

That was a fun "Katie Needs!"
Glad that AF showed her face-on with the next steps!

Fertilize Me said...

Good luck with the new protocol and AF gets a gold star for performing timely and properly

jennifercarol said...

Woohoo! I'm glad you're on for Nov/Dec. I'm keeping everything crossed through the holidays for you.

And an entire website devoted to Katie Holmes??? Wallpaper for God's sake? I mean come on people, this is absurd!

Searching said...

Yay! Good luck!! (And loved the "needs" things- esp the parrot!)

journey to junior said...

hi there...i'm new to your blog.

delving into IVF is a huge leap - emotionally, financially, physically. once you really start, though, it will fly by and you'll hopefully realize it wasn't as horrible as you were anticipating.

good luck! i'll keep checking in with you.

Geohde said...


A challenge has been set! I shall do my best.

Good luck with the upcoming cycle, any bad luck you don't want, just send it on to me, my uterus is listening!