Sunday, November 18, 2007

Catching Up


I seriously cannot believe that almost a week has gone by since my last post. I was in Dallas for a work meeting and my internet connection was pretty poor (a wireless card). Now that I am back, I will try to do a better job of updating.

But here is the big news: We are a go.

That's right, I went in for the ultrasound check yesterday morning and all looks "perfect" according to Dr. M. Even more incredible, she has become a lot more friendly in the past few weeks and even gave me a big hug. My husband and I were pretty happy that all is a "go" for now. I know this is only the first in a set of many hurdles, but a good day in Infertility World is a rarity, so we have learned to really celebrate when we have one.

Today, I finally faced the box that arrived on Friday - the BIG BOX OF MEDICATIONS. It is all a little overwhelming, but friends that have travelled this path before me suggest taking it one day at a time. For that reason, I put all of the meds except the Lupron, in a cupboard that I hardly ever open. I will pull them out when I need them, but for now, a box of Lupron, needles, and my sharps container is all that I need.

It really takes a little gutspa to stick yourself with a needle. I learned that tonight. I had self-administered HCG before, but for some reason, this seemed more momentous. Well, at least the needles are small and the injection relatively painless. It was still a little weird, but I survived. I have heard that the side effects from Lupron aren't too bad for the first few days, but definitely is a cumulative effect.

As I jabbed myself with the first of MANY needles, I wondered how I had gotten to this point. I took pictures of the collection of medications because I thought they might make a good first page in a pregancy journal. Here's hoping to many pages in that journal.


Geohde said...

I find that the faster you shove the needle in, the less it hurts. The skin is the worst bit. Plus you have less time to worry about it :)


Fertilize Me said...

I agree with Geohde. Wishing you great success. Glad you are back..I missed ya

Anonymous said...

Ditto-ing fertilize me, I'm glad you're back! I was having withdrawls. :)

Lots of luck with the shots, I'm glad they're ok so far.

Polka Dot said...

That's great news! I kept checking back for an update and was all worried about you.

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

I'm so very glad your silence was due to being gone and not something else.

We celebrate WITH you for the "go" to IVF. Every step could cancel you out, so every hurdle jumped is worthy of congratulations.

I'm sure the needles are daunting. Do just take it a day at a time. I've never done the lupron protocol, but I hope you don't have to be on it too long!

Welcome back.

Tracy said...

Missed you!!!!

You'll be a pro at the needles in no time, and you were right to keep it small. I have a small box that I keep just the current essentials in. Makes it easier to transport if need be, too. The big box is very overwhelming.


Kim said...

Here's to hoping! You get used to the injections, just remember to let go of pinching your skin after you stick the needle in, that helps.

I've been thinking of you!

Yoka said...

Dear Katie,

I am glad to hear that you are starting the down regulation. I remember how overwhelmed I was when that big box arrived at our house. Good luck to you.

I just started the stimulation for my first IUI.

JJ said...

Welcome back=) Best of luck as this process begins!

Debby said...

welcome back! I've been wondering since saturday about your u/s results. So glad it's a go - yeah!