Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When Good Naps Go Bad

2 - 1 Nap Transition.

How did you handle it?

What advice do you have?

Help. . . please.


Together We Save said...

It is a tough things to move to ne nap. When mine did it they started going to bed early in the evenings. About 7:30. This helped so they could have breakfast, early lunch, nap by 12.

Anonymous said...

Its going to stink for a few weeks.
Sometimes he'll want to take 2 sometimes 1. Try to be somewhat flexible. Eventually it evens out. The key for my baby was he finally started sleeping in until 7am.
His schedule now is wakeup at 7am, then nap 12-2 then bedtime at 630-7.

Katie said...

That is kind of what we are doing, so whew, sounds like we are on the right track. The frustrating thing is not knowing if it's gonna be a one or two nap day until it is. . . and it's hard to plan around.

Right now, he gets up between 7 and 730, has a nap at 1230 - 230 and bed between 730 and 8. BUT then some days, like today, he is grumpy and overtired and goes down at 10 - noon and is losing his shizzle by dinnertime. No fun.

Well, at least I know we are not alone.

Nicky said...

We're dealing with this right now, too, so I'm curious what advice you get.

Right now, we keep trying the morning nap (9:30 for us) every day, but we give it a 30 minute try or so, and if it doesn't happen, we try for a slightly earlier afternoon nap (12:30 instead of 1:00). We're keeping bedtime at 7:00 or 7:30 unless one/both naps are very short, and then we move up bedtime 30 minutes or so. So far, he's slightly crankier than normal, but not bad.

Gibson Twins said...

I have no suggestions, we stayed with two naps til age 2 1/2 and then it just happened on it's own that we went to one nap - kids started playing after lunch and as long as they were being good/nice to eachother, we let them stay up and did naptime around 1:30pm. Now at nearly three, we are finding ourselves fighting to keep the one nap in place. Some days we are successful, others we have crabby toddlers on our hands come 6:30 and we all stress and watch the clock til bedtime those days :)

Christine said...

Keep pushing it. He should have 2 naps until 18-24 months. I know you can't force it but try everyday.

Anonymous said...

I know it varies so much kid to kid, but what worked great for 2 of mine was finding something to do every day around the morning nap time - even if it was just go for a walk. Then we'd do an early lunch and slightly earlier afternoon nap. My kids also have early bedtimes (7pm) and I have been known to put a grumpy overtired toddler or two down for bed by 6pm when necessary.

Christie Burnett said...

When Immy moved to one midday sleep I tried to keep her busy in the morning to keep her awake and then she would crash out from all the activity!


Beth said...

Tough transition, as any of them are, ugh...

you're doing the right things!

on days that he needs 2 naps, you could try a short morning nap (like 20-30 minutes), then down for his afternoon nap a little bit later.

or you could put him down for his one nap a bit earlier, then bump up his bedtime. I've been known to put grumpy toddlers down for the night around 6:30 or 7 PM.

Go with the flow, and don't stress too much over it. Do what works best for you both ~ He'll get to a good schedule again in no time!

Fertilized said...

we are still in the 1-2 limbo. Somedays its 1, some days it's 2. I agree flexiblility and following Will's signs will help you figure it out. We have been in the 1-2 limbo for a few months. It's frustrating and I wish I was a better mom with great advice