Monday, September 14, 2009

Dream Job

The new button to the left indicates my newest venture. I want to be the Verity Mom.

I love blogging and I feel as if I am pretty darn good at it. I love blogging here, because this is where it all began, there is where my blogging roots are planted. I love our community and I like being here, not only to give you glimpses of Little Man, but also to show my support for the friends that I found during my journey.

I love blogging at our family blog, because it's an easy way to keep friends and family updated on Will without me having to send out e-mails. As cute as we think every. single. second of Will's life is, I know that opinion is probably not shared outside of me and my mother-in-law. So, I figure people can check it out when they want an update and not be bothered with a string of e-mails.

So, yeah, I love blogging. But I kinda would like to get paid for it, too. This is an amazing opportunity for me to get to do what I love and get an income from it. And still be at home with Will. It would be a dream come true to get this position.

That being said, the competition is fierce. There are a lot of great moms out there dying for the chance to be the Verity Mom. This is just the first phase and they will select three finalists, which then are voted on by people like you!

So, if I make it to the next phase, I will need your help, starting next week. I am not sure if you can vote just once, every day, or how ever many times you would like. Once I know everything, I will fill in the details and provide a link. In the meantime, if you would like to, I started a Facebook page that you can sign up to be a fan of, by clicking the really large and awkward widget to the left.

Oh, and you can find my application page here. Go ahead, laugh, but I think it captures the essence of me! And if you can, leave me some comments on the application page so that I can feel the love!

I really appreciate all of the help!


Ms. J said...

LOVE the video (and so cool to hear your voice finally - which, by the way, you have an AWESOME voice!)

Let me know what ya need and I am here to help!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

Right now all we can do is become a fan, right? Make sure you give me strict instructions so I don't miss anything!

Anonymous said...

You are too cute! Love it! Wishing you all the luck in the world, sweetie!!! ((HUGS))

Fertilized said...

What a great video Katie!

Mel said...

You are cuter than cute. Will do whatever you need to help you win!