Monday, September 21, 2009

Thank You

I just wanted to post here, thanking everyone again for their support as I campaigned to be the Verity Mom. It was an amazing experience and one that I would do again (although I would have preferred a different outcome, to be sure). The comments that I got from readers here, from my IRL friends, and from my family brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart.

I feel as if I did my best, and there is never anything to regret when you do that. So, I gave myself 15 minutes to feel sorry of myself (14 of those have passed as I type this) and that's it.

I guess that's the "best" thing about infertility. It has taught me to keep things in perspective. Of course I am disappointed, but it's just that: a disappointment. There will be other opportunities in my future and I can't wait to find out what life holds in store for me!

And, no matter what else, I have an absolutely amazing, gorgeous, wonderful Little Man, who says, "oooooh, eggs!" when I put them on his tray in the morning (trying to get it on video, trust me). And thinks that I am the best mom in the world. That is what really matters!


Anonymous said...

Sorry sweetie. I know it's tough to "lose" when I get my heart set on something. Hopefully this means there's other doors being opened that have even greater possibilities. xo

HereWeGoAJen said...

I wish you had won! Obviously the contest was fixed. ;) There could be no other explanation.