Saturday, September 12, 2009

The "One"der Years

Now that Will is one, there have been some pretty significant changes in our house.

#1: Eating.

Will has had a healthy appetite from day one. Now that he is a "toddler," he is more finicky. He doesn't eat just anything, and there are meals that he picks or skips altogether. This has been a challenge for me. At first, I would make him several meals, trying to appease his palette. After several meals ended up on the floor, and I asked our pediatrician, I realized that Will eats when he is hungry. When he is not hungry, trying to entice him with "treats" will not work and is counterproductive to allowing him to follow his own bodily needs. It is still tough for me when he doesn't eat dinner. Now that we have cut out his last feed of the night, I feel as if I am sending my kid to bed without supper, and that makes me feel bad. It is what it is, however, and he is not starving by any means.

#2: Discipline.

I am just gonna say it. Disciple is not my strong suit as a parent. I want to strike the right chord of being firm, yet not overdoing it. I do not want a brat, that much I am sure on. But how firm to be, what battles to choose, how to enforce our rules, all of that is a very steep learning curve for me. Any tips on disciplining a young toddler are very much appreciated.

#3: Whiny, clingy.

Will is fairly independent. He can play for long periods of time without my interference and when he wakes from a nap, he has been known to grab books from his shelf and read to himself before "calling" to me to come and get him.

In the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that he is not doing the independent play and reading thing so much. It's hard because I love being with him, but I do want to foster his independence, and I also need to get things done throughout the day, so this whiny-ness is a true challenge.

Okay, now for the positives of having a one year old:

#1: Engaging

Will is so much more engaging and entertaining. He loves doing so many more things. It is fun to take him places, fun to play here at home. It's just fun having a toddler.

#2: No more multiple meals.

He eats what we eat. 'Nuff said.

#3: Oh my gosh, is he sweet.

This kid is a flirt. He loves his mommy, loves to kiss, loves to hug, loves to capture my heart each and every single day.


AwkwardMoments said...

Wil sounds like a perfectly healthy, fantastic lil boy. I am still working on the food and discipline myself ..I have not found a full proof discipline method that is effective yet. Good Luck to us.

Tracy said...

Couldn't agree with all of this anymore...and yes, Evan and Rowan are going through an alternate independent-clingy stage. One day they can't get enough of me, the next it's like, "oh, HER..." Ugh.

Anyway, as far as the discipline, that's one area where I think I'll have no problem. I guess my philosophy is that kids want and need discipline. They don't really know wrong from right and absolutely need us to teach them the way. I want to raise kids that people want to be around (and I know you do, too) and if I don't use discipline to make sure they are adhering to society's rules of conduct, then people WON'T want to be around them!

Maybe I'm a hardass, but I always know it's for their own good. Now, I'm not talking spankings or anything like that...I will NEVER raise my hand to one of my children. Never. Got too many smacks across the face as a little one (and much more) for that nonsense. But I do not cave to tempter tantrums, and when Evan bites, he gets a time out (which really just consists of no attention from mommy for a minute or so while I pay attention to the bitee...this has only happened twice, but it's been traumatic for him, let me tell you.)

I've also spent as long as 30 minutes doing the "no", remove, distract. Over and over and over and over. LOL

You're doing GREAT!!!!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Well, I am behind you on the toddler stage, but when I taught daycare, I found it important to fight the little discipline battles so that you don't get to the big ones. And a lot of rewarding/noticing the positive.

It's fun for me too, to watch your sweet boy grow up so nicely.

Adriane said...

It's all so hard. Food and discipline - my biggest challenges as well. I try doing the "No" and redirecting their attention, but it isn't easy.