Saturday, September 6, 2008

Will Likes . . .

Things Will Likes. . .

To eat.

Walks in the stroller.

A short amount of time in the Baby B.jorn (less than thirty minutes).

To eat.

To be swaddled with his arms left out.

To be swayed back and forth, cradled in our arms, and patted firmly on the back or bottom.

To eat.

To be sung to - even though I have a terrible voice.

To stay on the breast, long after he is really finished eating, just kind of half nibbling.

To have his Daddy lift him up in the air - and give Mommy a heart attack!

Have I mentioned that he likes eating?!?!?

Things Will Does Not Like . . .

The swing. Argh.

Being put down for a nap during the day (he doesn't mind it at night for some reason).

Diaper changes.


Well, at least there are more things that he likes rather than dislikes.


Fertilized said...

It's funny in a few weeks from now to go back to these posts and see what things get shifted around. Keep doing these posts.

MT still loves to eat and sleep eat, and eat some more! Healthy lil growing boys

Elle Charlie said...

Well, the eating is a big thing - I mean, so many people struggle with getting their little ones to eat enough! If you've already got that problem nipped, I say you're well ahead of the curve!

Jen said...

But what does he think about eating? Hehe.

He sounds like a nice cheery baby.

Ms. J said...

I can't get over how much Baby Will looks just like his Mommy!

I keep meaning to comment to you regarding your nap time question . . . I make sure to pat Lil Pumpkin firmly (either on her side if she is laying on her back, or on her back if she is laying on her side) when I put her down for nap time or bedtime. I keep it very consistent. I don't talk, just some shushing and quiet humming, lest she be confused that my voice is an invitation to play some more.

My patting is also done in a thump-thump pattern, to simulate a heartbeat, if that makes sense. As she falls asleep, I do it less firmmly (more soft), so that when I stop patting she is sound asleep and no longer notices I have stopped patting.

Of course it's different since I have a toddler, but since I am only 6 weeks into parenthood myself I thought I'd share something I have quickly found to work for me.

Joy said...

He will change his mind on the swing, naps, baths, and even diap changes! I find that most newborns hate the coolness of getting changed or bathed. Soon he'll be splashing away in the water!!!