Friday, September 12, 2008

They Grow So Fast

I am in tears right now.

No, Will is fine. In fact, he is better than fine. He is amazing. He is precious. I love him to pieces.

I just changed his second poopy diaper of the morning and decided to put a new onesie on him. It is one of my favorite onesies that he has. . . it says "My Heart Belongs To Mommy" on it. Just a couple of days ago, it fit him perfectly.

It is too small.

My Little Man in growing up.


Jen said...

Oh, no! He can't be growing that fast already! Start making him wear bricks on his head immediately.

Joy said...

I cried, too, when I put the first 0-3 month clothes in a box and got out the 3-6 months clothes. I even cried when I rearranged my daughters' rooms!

Elle Charlie said...

I guess when they say they grow up so fast, they really mean it!

Ms. J said...

I feel the same way . . . happy that Lil Pumpkin is growing and thriving, yet amazed (and sad) that some things are already too small for her. (Pout).

Yoka said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they grow. I am kind of amazed, glad, sad, and surprised at the same time if I have to retire a onesie or a sleeper. I am always wondering if and when we will be able to use them again.