Monday, September 29, 2008

A Rather Strange Thought

Here's today's random thought. What kind of birth control should I use?

That's right. It's almost time for my six week post-partum check. Friends have warned me that it's best to go in knowing what kind of birth control you would like to use because the doctor will be ready to write the prescription and not so hot on "just winging it". After all we went through to get our Little Man, it seems insane to me to even have to be thinking about preventing pregnancy when achieving it was my whole world not that very long ago. However, since getting pregnant wasn't always our problem, I do have to give this some thought.

There are many options, of course. Since we do want another baby eventually, we could just take our chances. After all, I am almost exclusively breastfeeding, so the possibility of getting pregnant is slim. But it is still there. And we have our hands pretty full with Will for the moment and would like to wait a minute on trying for the second baby. Plus, we have some frozen embryos that we'd rather not waste, so when we do go for number two, we'll probably go that route.

Then there are the progesterone-only birth control pills. But as my readers who were around during the IVF cycle will remember, one of my body's magic tricks is ovulating on BCPs. Of course, the pill combined with the breastfeeding should cover us pretty well. The only problem is that my combination post-baby brain and sleep deprivation lead me to be concerned that I might forget to take my pill. Baby brain is no joke.

Then, there is the injectible BC. I took that when my husband and I were first doin' the wild thang. I gained twenty pounds. Since I just gained and lost thirty pounds and have another ten to fifteen to go, I'd rather not get on that merry-go-round, thankyouverymuch.

But I do have to do something. I just can't take my chances. Not now.

See, it isn't even the getting pregnant that is the problem. If I were to get and stay pregnant right now or in the immediate future, well, that would just be a gift. Perhaps a bit earlier than expected, but really, we'd be okay and consider ourselves incredibly blessed. It's the very real possibility that we would miscarry again that scares the bejeemus out of me. I just don't feel emotionally or physically ready to handle that right now. I don't think it's fair to Will. Heck, I don't think it's fair to me. Or my husband.

My miscarriages just about did me in and I don't think it would be any easier now. I mean, yes, I have my miracle Will. But in some ways, that might make it harder. After all, now I would know what I was losing, not just the abstract. It's hard enough being a new mom without throwing in the physical and emotional insanity that comes with losing a baby.

My appointment isn't until Friday, so I have some time left to decide. But how weird is it to be contemplating birth control?

In a word? Very.


Mrs. Shoes said...

Sounds like a barrier method would be your best bet- either condoms or a diaphragm.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, birth control? What's that?

I don't know. The injectible makes me really nervous. I had a shot of it and it was pure and utter HELL. I was allergic to the carrier and it wasn't pretty.

What about an IUD?

BrownEyedGirl said...

I have read and researched the depo shot and it is not a good thing for one's body anyways so yeah, I say avoidness on that one. I was also thinking there is no two ways about it, you're going to need to use a barrier device like condoms if you do ovulate on BCP. Good luck!!!

Kim said...

My personal vote is natural family planning... no hormones, and you already have the charting part engraved in your brain.

Ally said...

Wow-birth control! That's a rare topic on these blogs, isn't it?? :) What about Mirena? It's the new generation IUD. They implant it and it can be removed whenever you're ready to give Will a sibling?!?! (That way, no worries about baby brain.)

Fertilized said...

My suggestions would be the mirena or nuva ring? i have not tried hte mirena but did the nuva ring in college.. just suggestions and options

Samantha said...

It does seem rather ironic, doesn't it? Just a word of caution on the IUD - they can cause heavy bleeding in the beginning, which happened to my SIL and freaked her out. Be sure to ask your doctor about it. I might go with the good ol' condom, although maybe that wouldn't be your husband's first choice :)

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

It is definitely strange to have to think about BC. We ultimately decided against it since we would like to have a baby sooner rather than later and my body doesn't react well to artificial hormones. I would consider barrier or condoms. Or maybe a mirena?

Good luck! :)

Tracy said...

I had my tubes tied because I didn't even want to have to think about it. I'm so DONE with all things pregnancy related - both getting there and staying there.

I hope you find some answers that work for you.

Amy said...

I had the Paragaurd (copper T) IUD before we knew we were was great! You can get pg as soon as you take it your case! NO hormones (weight gain, yada yada) whatsoever....anyhoo..just my suggestion!

Jen said...

I am planning to just wing it, but my problem was the getting pregnant part not staying that way. If I were in your shoes, I'd feel exactly the same way. With the possibility of loss so high, I'd be nervous to go bc-free too. I've only been on the pill, so I don't have much advice to offer unfortunately.

Geohde said...



Laura said...

I know quite a few women who have the mirena and love it. I'm not sure if you can have that placed while you are breastfeeding though as it does have a small amount of hormones. A thought though. Good luck!