Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally! Mellow Not-So-Yellow

Taking Will off of breastmilk for 48 hours did the trick. As of today, his billirubin levels are normal! And he went back on the breast like a champ.

At our one month appointment today, Will weighed in at 10 lbs, 11 oz. The little piggy gained 11 oz. since last Friday! He is still 22 inches long so, as you can imagine, he is turning into a bit of a chub. He has these little rolls on his thighs and arms and they are just adorable. How I wish those same rolls were cute on my thighs and arms!

At five weeks post-partum, I have lost all of my official baby weight. However, there are still ten pounds of what I like to call my IVF weight that seem to be sticking around for the duration. I am trying not to let my flabby stomach and thighs get to me too much. After all, I have handsome little boy to show for it!

My biggest battle these days is the gas monster that has set up residence in Little Man's tummy. We have tried gripe water and My.licon. Neither seems to be helping. I am also pedaling his little legs against his tummy. Sometimes that works to get some gas out, but he still seems pretty miserable. Any advice on gas is welcome. Or anything else for that matter!


Kim said...

A good way to burp him is to hang both of his arms completely over your shoulder, straightening his legs out so they're not scrunched up. You don't have to necessarily pat his upper/lower back.. you can just try massaging your hands down his back/sides.

Fertilized said...

have you tried carrying him like a football?(tummy upside down on your forearm)
Sounds like he is a growin boy!

Joy said...

I would rub my girls' bellies in a clockwise position, flat-handed, and pretty firm. Not so much that they'd spit up or I'd hurt them, of course! They actually loved it.

I also like what Kim said. Massage really helps get that gas out!

Geohde said...

I'd also consider the possibility that little man has colic- especially if it's worse in the evenings.

Just my assvice, solicited in this instance :) .



Debby said...

No advice on the gas, but just thought I'd tell you I absolutely have to hate you now and stop reading your blog because you've already lost all the baby weight. :) I am almost 4 months out and still have 18 to go. GRRRRR! I guess that's what I get for gaining 50 lbs.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I find that when giving Lemy breast milk from the bottle if we sit her up to eat she deals better with the gas. Also, burping her throughout the feeding seems to help a good bit too.

I can't believe he's a months old already! Wow! :)

alison said...

No advice, but I can't wait for more Will pics. :)

Mel said...

Ok, I am totally slacking on comments but I am here, keeping up with you daily!
I am so glad Will's jaundice is chilling out. I have no experience with gas (other than my own of course, which is a lot these days) but I hope you can come up with a solution soon! I know how much that hurts those little tummies and seeing them scream in pain is probably the worst thing in the world.

Amy said...

Prob something you are eating mama......maybe just try and eat bland for a day and see if it helps...then introduce a new food and maybe it will help you pinpoint the culpret? That's what they told Angie to do and it worked.....but then again, I think their bods are just so new and getting used to everything. The first month or so my kids were sensi if I ate brocoli or garlic..but then at 3 months it was gone...interesting! Good luck and glad the fellow isn't yellow anymore! YAY! xoxoxo

Intrepidgirl said...

Our pediatrician said we need to burp on the lower left-hand side of the back, just below the ribs. I guess that's where they store the bubbles. The doctor also said that you should be able to feel it. I haven't been able to but my husband has. Since we found that out, we have been better at burping. Good luck and hang in there.