Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Love Me Some Snake Oil

Okay, so two nights in, and I am loving the bed.  He seems really comfortable in it and I love the fact that he seems to be sleeping a tiny bit better. Another four hour stretch last night. . . this was from 9 PM - 1 AM, followed by every two hour wake ups, so I am pretty beat, but a long stretch of sleep always encourages me and negates some of the exhaustion.

Last night was probably the first calm evening in over a week.  I made dinner while Drew took a later nap.  The kids played without any major fights or drama.  M got home and we ate dinner.  Together.  At the table.  Well, until Drew got hungry, but I got to sit there for a good ten minutes before that happened.

We then somehow navigated tubbies and bedtime for everyone without any major meltdowns.  By 8:30, I was nursing Drew and putting him down by 9.  Unfortunately, I then had to help M administer IV fluids to our cat (Have I mentioned our cat is in renal failure and needs the fluids to keep hydrated and not get toxemia?  Have I mentioned she was diagnosed with this three weeks before Drew's birthday?), which takes a little bit of time to organize and execute.  So I didn't get into bed myself until amost 10, but then I slept straight until Drew woke me.  Three hours is still a decent chunk of sleep.

With Emma so sick and Drew so little and it being so rainy, our 2012 Halloween plans are being curtailed quite a bit.  We are all going to go to two or three houses right in our little cul de sac and then I will take Drew and Emma home to hand out candy while M takes Will a little farther afield.  We live in a small neighborhood, so it will take maybe ten minutes to do all of the houses, and that is if everyone is home.  After that, he will have to be driven somewhere, but our little downtown area does a business trick-or-treat and a small fun center at the Boys and Girls Club, so I think they will do that.  I am hoping for another good day.

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