Monday, October 22, 2012

Frequent Flyers

Now I feel all sorts of guilty for considering Will's illness any sort of blessing.  Not long after hitting Publish on yesterday's post, Will went from sort-of-kind-of sick to holy heck, this kid is sick

He spent the night in our bed with M while I spent the night downstairs on the couch with Drew.  So much for the family bed, which I am now seriously regretting, since while a sick 4-year-old sucks, a sick newborn will suck a lot more.  And if Drew gets a fever, that is an instant hospital admit and a whole bunch of scary tests, so right now, we are just hoping and praying that he doesn't get sick.  Or that if he does get sick, he doesn't develop a fever.

I could hear Will's hacking coughs from all the way downstairs.  At 3 AM, his fever had climbed to 103.8 with ibuprofen on board.  Will is a fever spiker, so in and of itself, a high fever isn't necessarily worrisome to me.  But the fact that he looks like death, is falling asleep sitting up, is crying that his throat hurts, AND he won't eat ice cream or popsicles is what prompted us to go back to the pediatrician's for the third time in five days.  The pediatrician was also concerned by how sick he look and acted.  His lungs are clear and he didn't sound too terribly nasal, so she thinks it is truly just a nasty virus, but she is also concerned it could possibly be something called a peritonisillar abscess.  He has what she called the "hot potato" voice and some of his other symptoms are leading her towards that line of thinking.  However, the best way to diagnose it is with a ct scan or biopsy, which she didn't want to put him through unless she is more certain.  So we took him home to see if he gets better by Wednesday (or if he gets much worse tomorrow).  If he doesn't get better or gets much worse, then she thinks more tests are necessary. I am just keeping fingers crossed that it is a nasty virus and that he'll be on the mend quickly. 

I am glad that yesterday was such a calm day, because today has been anything but.  The good news is that since we were at the doctor's already, we had another bili check on Andrew and it is still at the same level as Friday.  While it should start going down soon, the good news is that it isn't going up and isn't in any sort of danger zone right now.  So that is one issue resolving very nicely.

I just wish we could get a punch card at the pediatrician's office.  You know?  Nine visits get one free?  That would be awesome.

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Stacey said...

Sorry for the long absence and the catch-all comment -- been catching up with your posts/life/growing family over the past few days! Congrats on your sweet new baby boy! I'm so happy that he's doing well after such a big scare and after fighting with jaundice. So very happy for you and your family of 5! Praying Will feels better soon, poor guy. I can only imagine how tough it is for all of you right now dealing with that awful virus. Hoping he's better and that you can all settle in nicely very soon.