Monday, October 29, 2012

Too Tired For A Clever Title

So it was inevitable that Emma would get sick next.  And boy, is she sick.  This sickness is awful.  It is three days of absolutely MISERABLE kiddo.  I am talking will not eat ice cream misery.  Will missed an entire week of preschool and still sounds sick.  He is congested and has a nasty cough.  I had to drop him off this morning and make sure his teacher knew he has been fever free since Thursday and on antibiotics since Friday, so he is no longer contagious. He is definitely on the mend, but it is has been a long week.  Emma, who always sleeps the entire night in her bed, has been in our bed the past two nights.

Andrew has stopped sleeping in his bed, too.  If I am lucky, he will maybe do a two hour stretch in his bassinet in a night, but that is it.  Other than that, I have to hold him or set him down and know that within 20 minutes, he will be awake.  Same goes for naps during the day, except there isn't even the blessing of a two hour stretch.  Between a sick two year old and a newborn in my bed last night, you can imagine what kind of sleep was had around here.  I managed a couple of catnaps today, but I still have to hold Drew, so they are light sleeps.  At least I am sleeping a little, but I could use a nice, solid chunk of baby-free sleeping, and I think that is weeks in coming.

I was talking to a coworker this morning, lamenting on new baby sleep, and she recalled a friend of hers had a baby with colic and had a "magic bed" that she thought I could either buy or borrow.  The friend called me an hour later and kindly offered to meet me to lend me the bed,  I had to drive about a half hour, but it is worth it. . . if the darn thing works.  Remember, I am the woman who drove an hour to pay $40 for a "miracle blanket" that didn't do anything to help newborn Will sleep.  I was so disappointed.  I kind of think these blankets, beds, whatevers are probably things that work with "easier" babies, like Emma, who would sleep anywhere, but parents think it's the magic whatever that did the trick and the legend grows.  In this case, however, I had nothing to lose and only precious sleep to gain.

I brought the bed home and set it up, and so far. . . it has failed to be a miracle.  He likes it for a few minutes, but then he gets restless.  Or he likes it until I stop swinging/bouncing it.  If I am going to have to stay awake and swing the darn thing, it will really negate the whole purpose.  The bed is beautiful and in excellent condition and it was really nice of this person who barely knows me to lend it to me, but I'm afraid it's another case of Snake Oil round these parts.

I will have to report back tomorrow after we've given it a whirl at nighttime.  It can't make sleep worse, that's for sure!

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Sunny said...

I bought one of those beds from Craigslist for Bean when he was an infant with GERD -- for the same reason you did, all the claims of OMG! from other parents. It was okay.

I'm sorry it's been a tough go since Drew has been born. Hang in there, mama!