Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Naps All Around

Will is doing better today.  He still is very hoarse and has a low grade fever, but he spent the morning out of bed and ate a little bit and is not nearly as ill.  Thank goodness.  He had me pretty worried yesterday.

Drew gave me another five hour stretch of sleep last night.  This is the third night of such miraculous happenings. I actually feel semi-rested today after such a bounty of sleep.  After such a lot of sleep, he spent that majority of the morning wide awake, which is perfect for getting him on a good day/night clock.  My little meatball loves to be WARM.  He likes to wear a onesie, socks, jammies, and be swaddled (I do keep an eye on his body temperature as I know overdressing for bed has been linked to SIDS).  And this is with the heat in our house set to 72.  So today, I got him down to a long-sleeved onesie, diaper, and socks, put him on a soft blanket, and turned on the gas fireplace.  He hung out on the floor near the fire for over an hour, just looking around, kicking his legs, and luxuriating in the heat.  I sat next to him and loved the heat as well, since one of my post-c-section recovery "issues" this time has been the constant chills.  I am like Drew, wearing several layers and still being cold!

Emma has gone from not wanting anything to do with the baby to wanting to hold him all of the time.  This was not such an issue with Will when Emma was born.  He liked Emma, he would hold her if we offered, but honestly, he went about his life almost as if she wasn't here.  Emma calls the baby, "My baby Drew" and is always asking to hold him.  And if you take him away, she says, "You give me back my baby!"  This is kind of cute and honestly kind of frustrating all at once.  I love that she loves him, but when he is hungry or needs a diaper change, and then she is upset because she can't hold him, it really is more exasperating.  I know, I know.  Such a "problem" this is.  I know the novelty of holding him will wear off soon enough and I'll be wishing for the days when she wanted to hug "her baby" instead of steal toys from and fight with him.

I have my two week incision check tomorrow, which means that I have to start peeling off my steri strips tonight.  Usually, at least a few are off by now, or at the least hanging by threads, but they are all on there pretty good.  I hate peeling them off.  It's like ripping off a bandaid. . . times twelve, since there are twelve strips on there.  It isn't that painful, really, but I try to avoid that area of my body right now and peeling things off of the incision gives me the heebie jeebies.

I did some laundry today, cleaned the kitchen a bit, made lunch for Will and Emma, and basically, feel as if I am getting back to normal.  It is a tremendous help having our nanny here.  This is a luxury that I have not had when bringing previous babies home.  I definitely feel very spoiled and it is hard for me to take advantage of the extra pair of hands at times, but right now, with both older kiddos napping, she has the baby so I can shower and nap.

So, that is what I am off to to.

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Melissia said...

Try taking a shower and getting the steri strips wets, they will be much easier to peel off. Just be sure to pat the incision area dry afterwards. This is the advice we use to give our post op moms when I worked labor and delivery.