Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Razor Day

Today isn't such a great day.  Drew took another long stretch of sleep, but he did it from 7:30 PM - 12:30 AM and then was up pretty much every hour to two hours after that.  Now we are in the weird cycle where my milk isn't used to this much nursing and we are playing catch up, so he has pretty much been nursing all morning.

Emma has swung the other direction, too, and is back to bursting into tears when I nurse him.  She threw a tantrum over lip balm (she wanted to eat it, I said no). 

Will is feeling better. . .ish?  He still has a terrible cough and lots of nasal yuck.  His fever is gone, but has been replaced my bloody noses and I can't find the humidifier.

The nurse I talked to on the phone for himt today has three kiddos with our same spacing.  She had to call me three times before I was able to answer because of different distractions.  She said it is either champagne or razor blades with three kids and I laughed becaue that is such an apt description.  I either feel really, really okay and AWESOME because, hey, this parenting three thing, it ain't so bad!  OR, I feel really, really panicked and NOT CUTTING IT because, hey, this parenting three, it is impossible!  There doesn't seem to be a lot of in between moments.

I have only managed to pick off two steri strips.  As a kind commentor reminded me yesterday, they come off more easily in the shower.  I recall that from last time, but these bad boys are on there GOOD.  I tried to take the shower advice this morning, and both Will and Drew had meltdowns while I was in there, so my plan to let them soak a bit didn't work out.  I might try again during nap for Will.

I am overwhelmed today.


It Is What It Is said...

I am sorry that you are overwhelmed today. Cut yourself a lot of slack and do what you can and forget the rest. It's early days, still, so there are bound to be bumps, hiccups, and setbacks.

Beth said...

Champagne or Razor Blades. What a perfect description.

Hugs to you Mama! Hope you find peace? hope? today. Tomorrow will be better, for sure!

Sunny said...

That is a very good description of life with multiple kids. If it makes you feel better (or maybe just not alone?), today is a tough day for me too. My mom showed up and took my 3 older kids back to her house because she could see I was losing it. I didn't sleep more than an hour at a time last night, and my kids are fighting like cats and dogs. Razor blades, indeed.

Joy@WDDCH said...

We have days like this! I have four and just found out we're going to have #5 join us this summer. WOW! Overwhelming indeed!

I find when I'm having a day like this a nap is a necessity for EVERYONE, including me. We all need a reset, somehow and someway.