Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Bed

Today was a pretty decent day, hormone-wise.  I think it was due in large part to the fact that it was our first day without any sort of appointment to get to, test to have, hospital to stay in.  It was lovely.

We had planned to get up and get to church, but Will woke up sick.  He has been fighting off a cold for nearly a week, but today it morphed into full-on "yuck" (which I am hoping and praying that Drew doesn't catch), complete with fever and a cough.

I think it was a small gift from God, to be honest (though there might be something not-so-nice looking at my son's cold as a blessing).  It would have been our first official outing as a family of five, and while I know it would be doable, it would have made for a hectic, rushed morning.  Instead, we spent all morning just hanging out in our bed.

We snuggled with each other, cuddled Drew, and I got to take some seriously precious pictures of our three little monkeys together.  We watched a movie, read books, sang songs, and had a pretty silly, fun time together.  Then it was lunch and a quiet nap.  One of my very best friends and her husband and two boys stopped by after that.  With last week being so hectic and filled with doctor visits and hospital stays, we haven't had any visitors beyond family.  Honestly, I prefer not to overload with visitors, simply because it puts pressure on me to be presentable and have the house also presentable. It is nice, though, to have people hold your baby and oooh and aaaah over him.

My mom had made several dinners before she left, so I warmed up one of my childhood favorites for dinner.  Then, in an attempt to get back on a schedule, we did tubbies for everyone (well, sponge bath for Drew, who is still sporting his stump) and then three freshly washed kiddos had stories in our bed. 

Ten days into having three children, can I just tell you that my number one "must have" has been our king sized bed.  Even though all three are sleeping in their own beds at night (okay, so we are still working on that with Drew, but he spends a least one stretch of night sleep in there), we are spending a lot of time there during the day.  It is good for me to rest a bit and it is good because we can pull everyone in together.  It is very cozy and warm and feels. . . really nice. 

It was a nice, relaxed day and I am grateful for it as M returns to work tomorrow.  I have our nanny to help, but it will still be a busy day with a different rhythm.  So, here's to a good day and to tomorrow being one, too.

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Joy@WDDCH said...

Mmm, love this! We need a King size bed (ours is a Queen) because we cosleep with our new babies. Right now there's no one in our bed unless our 3-year-old wanders into our room in the middle of the night, LOL!