Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yes. Yes, It Was.

For those of you that didn't read my last post, it was really a great girls' time away. I highly recommend it. Several people (IRL, not here, of course) kind of made fun of just going less than a half hour away to "get away," but it was truly perfect.

We got upgraded to a suite (in these economic times, people aren't really traveling for leisure) for the same price of our two queen bed room. The suite had a water view and was AMAZING. We watched FOUR girly movies and ate snacks and pretty much camped out in our room all day and night. We did go out to dinner, but we went early to take advantage of early bird specials. Our entire weekend only cost about $80 per person, which included a night in a really nice suite in a gorgeous, five-star hotel with a fantastic meal, snacks, movies, breakfast, parking, etc. Even though we weren't far from our families, we all felt worlds away. We stayed up late watching a movie, but we experienced the luxury of sleeping through the night and sleeping in late. It was a moms' dream come true.

I felt refreshed when I got home today. M and Will had gone to his mom's for awhile and church this morning with friends, so they were busy, and they also enjoyed their time together. I honestly doubt Will missed me at all. He was happy with his Daddy and I think Daddy enjoyed calling the shots for awhile. I think one of the side effects of one parent staying at home is that the parent that is the primary caregiver kind of makes the rules. It's just that I am used to taking care of Will and his needs, so even when M is here, I still assume that role. When I returned today, it was weird to have M telling me when his diaper was last changed, how he slept, and what foods were in the refrigerator for his next meal. But it was a good weird, because M stepped into the role flawlessly and I know Will enjoyed time with his Daddy.

So, here's to a great group of ladies, a relaxing night away, and returning to our precious little ones.


Anonymous said...

So glad that you had a great weekend! You definitely deserve it! :)

Mrs. Piggy said...

That sounds like heaven.

Fertilized said...

How exciting to see M get to really enjoy his role as Daddy!