Wednesday, June 18, 2008

OB Appointment

Yesterday was my seven month OB appointment. This was the last monthly appointment. It's all biweekly from here until August, when it goes to weekly.

It was also the day of the GT test. My doctor's office has you drink the liquid in the waiting room so that they know exactly what time you finished the drink. Luckily, they keep it cold. Overall, the test wasn't too bad. The first couple drinks of the orange brew and I was wondering what all the fuss was about. It tasted like flat orange pop. I got cocky and told my husband that it actually tasted good.

Then, as the liquid hit my stomach and I kept drinking, I started to feel a bit sick. It still wasn't that bad, but I was definitely glad that I didn't have to drink more than the little bottle they gave me. And I got bad heartburn from the drink, but couldn't have so much as a Tums to help quiet the fire. Still, I didn't throw up or feel dizzy. The tech that drew my blood said that she can pretty much determine a pass/fail by how the person reacts to the liquid. She said that the more bothered a person is by the drink, the more likely that person is to fail the test. We'll see how accurate her prediction is.

My appointment went well. My blood pressure was 118/60, which is lower than prepregnancy for me. In fact, the nurse said it is the target blood pressure for a teenager.

And. . . [insert scary music here] the dreaded weigh in. I knew that after last month's jump when I didn't seem to be eating that much more than usual, this month was going to be bad. I mean, just at my shower alone, I pigged out. And although I did attempt to get more physical activity this last month, I will admit that it was hit or miss.

So, imagine my suprise when I had only gained three pounds since last month. That brings my total weight gain to 23 pounds at 29 weeks, which also keeps me on track for overall weight gain. If I continue to gain a pound a week, I will end up right at 35 pounds. Then again, I have heard that there is another growth spurt around the corner, as Baby Boy really starts to pack on the pounds, but if all remains like this, I shouldn't gain any record-breaking weight as I was starting to fear after last month's big increase.

I am now measuring right on track, too. I had been consistently measuring a week ahead, so I asked if that was okay, and Dr. S said that as long as I didn't fall behind in measurement by more than a couple of weeks, it was fine. He said that measurement, like ultrasound, is approximate in dating.

His heart rate was great, measuring in the 130s, and picked up right away on the doppler. Little Man did not like the doppler and kept kicking at it and even afterwards he was kicking up a storm. It was either that or the sugary drink, but he seemed pretty irritated and even got the hiccups.

Afterward, my husband and I went out for a really nice dinner, to celebrate a healthy beginning to the third trimester. We went to one of my favorite local restaurants for some southern cooking and I thoroughly enjoyed my watermelon lemonade, spinach salad, and gumbo (extra mild).

Sometimes, I still cannot believe that this me. That this is us. That all can be so. . . normal.


Adriane said...

I can't believe it's bi-weekly appts already! The time is flying by. I really hope you pass the GTT. That orange drink is yucky!

Your weight gain sounds right on track - that is fabulous!!!

Jen said...

Wonderful! You are doing great!

Joy said...

I can't believe the nurse who drew your blood for the GT said that! I got REALLY ill when I got the test done (I did a 3 hour one). They had me go lie down in a room instead of stay in the waiting room.

I passed with flying colors! Those drinks are pure sugar and if you haven't eaten anything, it can make you feel icky. I hope you pass!!!!!!!!

Newt said...

Wow, congratulations! It sounds so wonderful, and your talk of dinner is making me hungry!

Jen said...

I'm sending lots of GTT test passing vibes. I'm so glad that my doctor's office gives us the drink ahead of time so that we can drink it from home and then come in. I guess they're just hoping that we won't cheat!

Tracy said...

Everything sounds so wonderful!!! I'm sure if you didn't get a major case of the yuckies that you passed your glucose test. You can almost feel your body stabalizing after the initial jolt of sugar if everything is working the way it's supposed to. I'm so happy for you...things are going SOOOO well. Keep up the good work, mama.

Fertilized said...

Excellent news. saying my prayers for that gt result to come back perfect!

Anns said...

That's not true - I actually ENJOYED the drink (I know, bizarre - it tasted like Orange soda which I like) and I failed.

So don't buy it, just wait for the results.

Happy to hear it's going so well!

Ms. J said...

A normal. regular ol' pregnancy . . . it indeed sounds strange! Sounds like you are doing so well, and taking excellent care of yourself. Good for you for celebrating with a nice dinner out, too!

Ms. J said...

A normal. regular ol' pregnancy . . . it indeed sounds strange! Sounds like you are doing so well, and taking excellent care of yourself. Good for you for celebrating with a nice dinner out, too!